Vintage Fashion Blog for Gentlemen: Vestiary

11 January 2015

I can hear the cheers of vintage gentlemen across the Second Life grid! There is finally top-quality fashion blog for my male compatriots.

Mr. Bertie Wooster recently launched his site "Vestiary", which you can find at:

It takes a lot to impress the Duchess of Carntaigh; however Mr. Wooster has done it.

Gentlemen! Start your engines! I think that with Vestiary, you finally have a chance in the fashion race!

Invitation to the St John Russian Winter Ball

06 January 2015

Lady Gabrielle Riel
invites you to the
St John Russian Winter Ball
at the Edison Ballroom
in St John Parish
Saturday, January 10
6:00pm - 7:30pm SLT

Formal Attire
(Victorian, Edwardian)
Russian Classical Music
Light Roleplay

Invitation to the St John First Anniversary Ball

29 December 2014

 Gabrielle Riel
invites you to the

St John First Anniversary Ball

at the Edison Ballroom
in St John Parish
Wednesday, December 31
2:30pm - 4:30pm SLT

Formal Attire (Victorian, Edwardian, Steampunk, Vintage)
Early 20th Century Music
Light Roleplay


St John Tea Transcripts - 12/17/2014

17 December 2014

[18:01] Gabrielle Riel: The clock has struck 6! I am going to get started!

[18:02] Gabrielle Riel: Welcome everyone to tea this evening. This is going to be about 30 minutes. A brainstorming session.

[18:02] Gabrielle Riel: Before we start, I'd like to welcome Misses Kate and Kudra to St John. They have both moved in recently. :-)

[18:02] Harley (harleymihnea): Welcome to St John!

[18:03] Kudra (kudrabeat): thank you

[18:03] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): thank you

[18:04] Gabrielle Riel: You've arrived right as we are about to celebrate our first anniversary as an estate.

[18:04] Gabrielle Riel: A year ago right now? I was tearing down Witchport and building this sim!

[18:05] Gabrielle Riel: Our launch parties were New Year's Eve parties.

[18:05] Gabrielle Riel: And I opened leasing to the public on Jan 1, 2014.

[18:06] Gabrielle Riel: I had no idea if St John would even work!

[18:06] Harley (harleymihnea): I love that you incorporated a bit of a magic sim to the islands here, in absence of witchport.

[18:06] Gabrielle Riel: Having Witchwoods stay has worked out well!

[18:06] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): the things you miss when you go off line in Oct 2011 and don't return until May

[18:06] Gabrielle Riel: Witchwoods = St John Woods

[18:06] Faulkes Voronwe (dylanfox.petrov): I love the Woods.

[18:07] Gabrielle Riel: After my initial terror, something magic happened for me

[18:07] Faulkes Voronwe (dylanfox.petrov) conjures a cup of tea to sip on.

[18:07] Gabrielle Riel: I haven't felt so connected to a sim or a community since I had Caledon Carntaigh in 2006-2008.

[18:07] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): i was out exploring a few weeks ago, thought i'd check out St John and stumbled into the Bayou..and here rock and i are...smiles

[18:08] Gabrielle Riel: For those of you that lived with me in NT, I loved NT too! But this is different.

[18:09] Gabrielle Riel: St John is the culmination of years of work and relationships

[18:09] Gabrielle Riel: Most of you lived with me in NT.

[18:09] Gabrielle Riel: And I am honored you chose to move here.

[18:09] Holocluck Henly: Hello Miz Tilda!

[18:10] 'Tilda Brown (izabel.jonstone): :) hellow

[18:10] Gabrielle Riel: So....we have an anniversary to plan! I will tell you what my thoughts are at this point, and then we can toss ideas around.

[18:11] Gabrielle Riel: I am going to host a New Year's Eve/Anniversary Ball, here in the Edison Ballroom on Dec 31.

[18:11] Gabrielle Riel: I'm going to schedule it early....UNLESS there is an overwhelming vote for me to do it later.

[18:12] Gabrielle Riel: It will be Europe time - 12-2pm SLT, or something like that

[18:12] Holocluck Henly: nice

[18:12] Holocluck Henly: most people let out early from work here anyway

[18:12] Gabrielle Riel: I know most of us are North Americans

[18:12] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): i should be able to attend unless rl gets in the way

[18:12] Gabrielle Riel: But my days of playing 4 dances until 11pm SLT are *over*

[18:13] Gabrielle Riel: There aren't many events during that time

[18:13] Gabrielle Riel: North American evening will be *crammed* with events

[18:13] Gabrielle Riel: And I really don't want to "fight" with all of those.

[18:14] Gabrielle Riel: So - that's all I have planned so far! A "ball" during European evening time.

[18:14] Holocluck Henly: :)

[18:14] Gabrielle Riel: I am open to other ideas. Around those dates.

[18:14] Harley (harleymihnea): Exploding things!

[18:14] Holocluck Henly: I may have something EST at mine

[18:14] Harley (harleymihnea): Bonfires?

[18:14] Gabrielle Riel: Ok Doc!

[18:14] Ravenstask Bayn: fireworks!

[18:14] Holocluck Henly: yes when is the solstice bonfire

[18:15] Gabrielle Riel: I do fireworks - major fireworks

[18:15] Holocluck Henly: what time sunday

[18:15] Gabrielle Riel: I'm a pyro with a talent for fireworks

[18:15] Gabrielle Riel: The 9th Annual Yule Bonfire is this Sunday the 21 from 6-9pm SLT.

[18:16] Princess Selena (selenaanansi): \o/

[18:16] Gabrielle Riel: Yes NINTH

[18:16] Gabrielle Riel: Good god I'm old!

[18:16] Princess Selena (selenaanansi): nah :)

[18:16] Emmanuelle Huntress snorts

[18:16] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): not old at all...smiles

[18:17] Gabrielle Riel: Think about other SL celebrations you have participated in

[18:17] Holocluck Henly: I plan to do something 12:30-2pm SLT Sunday. LOL nothing period. just holiday tunes. glad yours is in the evening.

[18:17] Kudra (kudrabeat): i'm in hawaii so all of this is perfect for me

[18:17] Gabrielle Riel: What have you enjoyed?

[18:17] Holocluck Henly: mardi gras LOL

[18:18] Gabrielle Riel: I don't want to do a parade, because we do that at Mardi Gras, which is right around the corner

[18:18] Gabrielle Riel: And I won't have a hurricane :-)

[18:18] Holocluck Henly: not yet

[18:18] Gabrielle Riel: We don't have to have all the answers right now.

[18:18] Holocluck Henly: new years is about the eve anyway. everyone recovers on new years day

[18:18] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): mardi gras brings back memories...that's how i met

[18:18] Faulkes Voronwe (dylanfox.petrov): I love the snow in the Woods. All we have in RL sleet.

[18:19] Gabrielle Riel: This is something we can ponder for a week or so.

[18:19] Holocluck Henly: it was 50s here. we havent had anything proper. I loves my wagon in the woods

[18:19] Gabrielle Riel: I am SO glad I still have Woods for snow. ;-)

[18:19] Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I missed the last time a parade was done... do those work better now?

[18:19] Holocluck Henly: even the wildlife likes the winter

[18:19] Princess Selena (selenaanansi): A anniversary parade would be fun

[18:19] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): the woods are beautiful but love the houseboat i'm living on :)

[18:20] Holocluck Henly: and laggy

[18:20] Holocluck Henly: and probably impossible with holiday decorations

[18:20] Harley (harleymihnea): I think the thing about a parade is the costumes. Maybe there could be costumes for the party, that way we could have a 'parade' of sorts, parading around the party.

[18:20] Gabrielle Riel: Oh oh oh oh

[18:20] Gabrielle Riel: I like that!

[18:20] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): not if you do it without all the decorations and do a parade on foot...

[18:20] Gabrielle Riel: A Seciond LIne dance!!!

[18:20] Holocluck Henly: what about your fireworks over the square like you did with mardi gras

[18:21] Holocluck Henly: with the proceedings below :)

[18:21] Gabrielle Riel: Second Line is just a small band and people dancing down the street

[18:21] Holocluck Henly: yeah NOLAs do them all year round

[18:21] Harley (harleymihnea): Because every day should be Halloween. ;)

[18:21] Gabrielle Riel: I'll have fireworks at the end of my Ball

[18:21] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): i was close..just couldn't remember what it was called...

[18:22] Gabrielle Riel: There are Second Line animations here in SL

[18:22] Gabrielle Riel: And umbrellas

[18:22] Harley (harleymihnea): kerchiefs and umbrellas

[18:22] Gabrielle Riel: I love that idea!

[18:22] Holocluck Henly: comes down to dancing with an umbrella or fan and kerchiefs behind a band

[18:23] Gabrielle Riel: Because it's simple and totally doable!

[18:23] Gabrielle Riel: Let me take a look at the calendar

[18:24] Gabrielle Riel: This would involve us dancing through the streets of St John Parish.

[18:24] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): i think it's a wonderful idea

[18:25] Holocluck Henly: random. someone leads like you and we follow :)

[18:25] Harley (harleymihnea): :)

[18:25] Gabrielle Riel: Celebratory and New Orleans

[18:25] Gabrielle Riel: Maybe we do the Second Line on New Year's Day?

[18:25] Gabrielle Riel: North American evening?

[18:26] Holocluck Henly: not too late :) 5pm?

[18:26] Gabrielle Riel: To balance the Euro time Ball the day before.

[18:26] Holocluck Henly: is that too early?

[18:26] Faulkes Voronwe (dylanfox.petrov): I will not schedule any classes for that night. They'd all be recovering from hangovers, anywya.

[18:26] Gabrielle Riel: Probably too early for most of North America

[18:27] Gabrielle Riel: 6pm SLT gets most people on the continent at home at least

[18:27] Holocluck Henly: sounds fair.

[18:27] Faulkes Voronwe (dylanfox.petrov): nods

[18:27] Gabrielle Riel: It's just about 6:30pm. So please think on what we might be able to do for the anniversary.

[18:28] Gabrielle Riel: IM, notecard or email me with your thoughts!

[18:29] Gabrielle Riel: This was just to put feelers out. To see what folks might like.

[18:29] Princess Selena (selenaanansi) thwumps a 100 page notecard on Gabi's doorstop

[18:29] Gabrielle Riel grins

[18:29] 'Tilda Brown (izabel.jonstone): you're thinking just one event for anniversary?

[18:29] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): lol

[18:30] Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I do like to go on and on and on when you get me started

[18:30] Gabrielle Riel: Multiple events

[18:30] 'Tilda Brown (izabel.jonstone): ok

[18:30] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): hmmmm....a community pot luck dinner

[18:30] Gabrielle Riel: I have to scoot and put my son to bed.
[18:30] Holocluck Henly: kk Miz Gabi!

[18:30] Faulkes Voronwe (dylanfox.petrov) only knows ow to make bean soup.

[18:30] Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Say good night to the Intern for me ^^

[18:31] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): just ideas...

[18:31] Mercy (mercy.warcliffe): night night

[18:31] Harley (harleymihnea): Good night folks! Nice to see you again, Gabie!

[18:31] Kate Michigan (katelynn.inglewood): tc Miss Gabi

[18:31] Gabrielle Riel: So ty all for coming! I'll post these transcripts and wait with bated breath for ideas!