Homestead Available in St John

21 March 2017

Would you like to lease a homestead sim in St John? I have one opening in about a week. The one-time purchase price is $14,000 L and weekly tier is $8200 L. That weekly tier amount just covers the $125 USD monthly bill I pay to LL for it. I do not profit from the sim.

Also, we will need to rename the sim and can coordinate that together. If you are interested in leasing it for your home or business, please let me know!

Mercredi des Cendres

01 March 2017

Happy Ash Wednesday! So, who has a hangover today? I, thankfully, am not hung over, although I am tired!

Well St John, we had four wonderful days of celebrations! Now it is time for me to thank everyone who helped make St John Mardi Gras 1917 possible.

Thank you to Kitty for assisting me with decorations on public land throughout St John! Real life had me in its clutches this month and so this really helped me!

Thank you to Eve, whose parade scripts from last year made this year's parade the best we have ever had in terms of performance! Yes, we had occasional float collisions, but overall this was by far the best parade I have run in my 8 virtual Mardi Gras' since 2009.

Thank you to Ava and Bliss and everyone at Sugah's for providing top notch parties all day long on Saturday and Sunday! They really kicked off Mardi Gras with a bang for St John and I am so grateful to them for that, and for all that they do week in and week out.

Thank you to Edward Pearse for making time for St John Mardi Gras in his Antipodean schedule and playing at The Nightingale on Saturday night. It was great fun, from Pink Elephants on Parade to The Baby Elephant Walk.

Thank you to Zed and Ali for playing and hosting at The Cajun Queen on Sunday evening. It was a ragin' Cajun good time! Also BIG thanks to Ali for running our fireworks on Mardi Gras Day again this year.  That added another layer of spectacle for the folks in Uptown during our street party.

Thank you to Fox Nacht for hosting, on Sunday evening, what I am now calling "Gothi Gras", something I hope that we make into a yearly tradition! If you have not yet been to the St John ByNacht sim, GO see it! Fox has created a wonderful New Orleans microcosm there. Her Mardi Gras/Sim Opening party was Gothtastic with wonderful music from Prudence Jekyll.

Thank you to My Guy for DJing the Parade Kickoff Party with me on Monday night. I appreciate your willingness to get on air with me, which I know was not easy on many levels! And thank you for dealing with me for the last month and everything that that has entailed. Mardi Gras 1916 brought you into my life, so I am glad we could celebrate that this year.

Thank you to all of the float builders, who included:
  • Sugah's Team, led by Ava and Bliss
  • Kylie Quinn
  • Amelia Smythe
  • Kitty
  • The Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach with Klaus, Zanta and Wulfie
  • Ali and Zed
  • Pru with her Fellow Suffragettes Eve and Iliana
  • Alas and Crispin Sturges
  • Scout MacLeod
  • Lisle Larsson
  • Ladies Pleasure Team, led by H0neyheart
Thank you to the fabulous DJs who provided the music for our 12 hours of party! Pru, Iliana, Otenth, Emma and Cadence all played eclectic fun music that kept everyone engaged. I love doing parties like this as it takes me back to memories of my early days in Caledon and with Radio Riel when we did a lot of day-long parties.

We had SO many "firsts" this year!
  • This was the first year that I did NOT have to pull an all-niter the night before the parade.
  • This was Fox's first event in her St John sim.
  • This was the first time in a very long time (like 10 years) that I shared the microphone during a broadcast.
  • This was Emma's first DJ gig, ever.
  • This was the first time I had to manage Mardi Gras while sick! It was nothing major, just a cold, but it made it more challenging.
And we had some anniversaries.
  • It was the anniversary of Guy's arrival in St John.
  • It was the anniversary of Pru's first gig.
Thank you to my friends and loves that have been holding my hand this month in both text and voice: Emma, Selena, Savi, Amy, Toov, Blake Yorke and Guy.

Finally thank you to everyone who came out to St John to celebrate Mardi Gras over these last few days! I hope you had a wonderful time! St Johnians know how to throw parties and we do it all year-round so come back and see us any time!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


St John Mardi Gras 1917 Schedule

24 February 2017

Saturday, February 25

Party All Day at Sugah’s
Live DJs and Dancing
9:00am - 7:00pm SLT
Sugah’s in the St John Region

Samedi Gras Soirée
Dancing and Party Music by Edward Pearse
7:00pm - 9:00pm SLT
The Nightingale in the St John Parish Region

Sunday, February 26

Party All Day at Sugah’s
Live DJs and Dancing
9:00am - 5:00pm SLT
Sugah’s in the St John Region

The Cajun Queen Mardi Gras Party
Dancing and Party Music by Zed Raven
4:00pm - 6:00pm SLT
The Cajun Queen in St John Parish

Mardi Gras by Nacht
Dancing, Goth and Alternative Music by Prudence Jekyll
6:00pm - 8:00pm SLT
St John By Nacht Region

Monday, February 27

Mardi Gras Parade Kick Off Party
Dancing and Mardi Gras Music by Gabrielle Riel
7:00pm - 8:00pm SLT
St John Region

Tuesday, February 28

Mardi Gras Parade - All Day

Fireworks - All Day

Mardi Gras Street Party
Live DJs and Dancing
12:00pm - 2:00pm SLT - Gabrielle Riel
2:00pm - 4:00pm SLT - Prudence Jekyll
4:00pm - 6:00pm SLT - Iliana Cerise
6:00pm - 8:00pm SLT - Otenth Paderborn
8:00pm - 10:00pm SLT - Emmanuelle Huntress
10:00pm - 12:00am SLT - Cadence Carolina

Radio Riel Stream Information Update

01 February 2017

Radio Riel recently updated its audio streams to our own in-house-managed server.

This changed the direct IP addresses to all of our streams.

If you use the stream redirects you do not need to change anything.

Stream Redirects

1. Main Stream = (or

2. Radio Riel Ragtime =

3. Radio Riel Steampunk = 

4. Radio Riel Dieselpunk =

5. Radio Riel Reverie =

6. Radio Riel Volksmusik =

Direct IPs

Main -

Ragtime -

Steampunk -

Dieselpunk -

Reverie -

Volksmusik -

These are the URLs that you put in the Music URL: field of the Sound tab in the About Land dialog box in Second Life.

You can also open any of these in media players, like iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC or WinAmp, by using the Open Stream or Open URL or Play URL options.