New Prim Amounts in St John

03 December 2016

On Tuesday, November 29, 2016, Linden Lab increased the amount of prims per sim in private estates. There was a 33% increase to all of our full sims and a 30% increase to all of our homesteads.

Here is the list of parcel sizes and prim amounts as they stand today, after this change:

Full Regions - St John Parish, St John Woods, Bayou St John and St John (Uptown)

* 192 sq. m. parcel - 174 prims - $250 L per week

* 256 sq. m. parcel - 234 prims - $340 L per week

* 384 sq. m. parcel - 351 - $510 L per week
* 512 sq. m. parcel - 468 prims - $675 L per week

* 576 sq. m. parcel - 525 prims - $760 L per week

* 608 sq. m. parcel - 555 prims - $805 L per week

* 640 sq. m. parcel - 585 prims - $850 L per week

* 768 sq. m. parcel - 702 prims - $1015 L per week

* 896 sq. m. parcel - 820 prims - $1185 L per week

* 1024 sq. m. parcel - 936 prims - $1350 L per week

* 1152 sq. m. parcel - 1053 prims - $1520 L per week

* 1280 sq. m. parcel - 1170 prims - $1690 L per week

* 1536 sq. m. parcel - 1404 prims - $2025 L per week

* 1792 sq. m. parcel - 1640 prims - $2365 L per week

* 2048 sq. m. parcel - 1875 prims - $2700 L per week

* 2176 sq. m. parcel - 1992 prims - $2870 L per week

* 2304 sq. m. parcel - 2109 prims - $3040 L per week

Homestead Regions - Lake St John and St John Beach

* 384 sq. m. parcel - 234 prims - $340 L per week

* 576 sq. m. parcel - 351 prims - $510 L per week

* 768 sq. m. parcel - 468 prims - $675 L per week

* 1536 sq. m. parcel - 936 prims - $1350 L per week

* 3072 sq. m. parcel - 1875 prims - $2700 L per week

Homestead Region - St John Maurepas

* 16384 sq. m. parcel - 2500 prims - $3600 L per week

Homestead Region - St John Islands

* 8192 sq. m. parcel - 2500 prims - $3600 L per week

Apartments - The St John Pension, The St John River View Guesthouse and the St John Beach Hotel

* Base Room Cost - 155 prims - $225 L per week

* You can lease another amount of prims at $1.45 L per prim per week IF there are prims available

The St John Cemetery

* Plot - 32 sq. m. - 27 prims - $40 L per week

The base price per prim per week in St John is now $1.45 L.

The only tier change estate-wide was to the cemetery parcels. I reduced the weekly tier in the cemetery from $45 L per week to $40 L per week.

I have updated all of the meters in St John to reflect the new parcel prim counts. This was a metadata change and does not affect your tier.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me. You can reach me in-world or via email at .

Enjoy your new prims!
Miz Gabi

2016 Avi Choice Award Nominations

09 November 2016

I am pleased to announce that Radio Riel and I are both nominated for 2016 Avi Choice Awards.

Voting is active now at: .

Radio Riel is up for Favorite Radio Station. The radio station category is the second from the top of the page.

I am up for Favorite Second Life Radio DJ, as is Radio Riel Presenter Elrik Merlin. The Radio DJ Category is at the bottom of the page.

Vote and help me bring these awards home to St John, The Steamlands, The Aether Chrononauts and the historic Second Life communities!

Hurricane Frédérique

23 September 2016

I sat at my desk in my sitting room and stared at the pile of unopened mail in front of me. So much! So much to do! So much to catch up on!

I sighed, feeling overwhelmed. I'd been so damn busy in that other place (called Real Life) that I had fallen behind on my work in St John. How am I going to get all of this done, I wondered?

I began to open and read the mail and make notes. One histrionic missive made me raise my eyebrow, so I set it aside to deal with later. I sorted the mail into piles. Here are the vacant parcels I need to process. Here are the requests for land. Thank heavens they seem to equal out.

"Gabi....oh Gabi...."

I could hear a man calling my name from outside. I smiled, recognizing the voice. I got up and went out on my second-floor veranda that looks out over Lake St John.

And there, hovering right across from me was my a balloon.

Not only was he in a balloon, but he had a weather vane attached to a hat on his head. There were a variety of instruments hooked to the side of the interior of the basket. I recognized one of them as a barometer.

"Well now," I said. "THIS is not something I was expecting to see today."

Guy grinned at me. "Do you like my weather station balloon?"

"It takes the 'weather balloon' concept to a whole new level my love," I said.

When Guy arrived in St John earlier this year, I had told him that we had unusual weather events. We have a hurricane every year like clockwork and it snowed three days every year...the SAME three days every year! December 24, 25 and 26. With weather like this, you'd almost think it was scheduled!

Being a scientist, Guy had expressed interest in studying our weather in St John, as it is so unusual. I had completely forgotten that he wanted to do that....until this very moment as the basket of the balloon bumped up against the railing on my second-floor veranda.

"Nice hat," I said.

"Yes, nice hat," said a voice from the ground.

Guy and I looked down from our respective perches to see CC standing on the ground, shading her eyes and looking up at us.

"If anyone knows good hats it's you CC," I said. I noticed she had a folder in her arms.

"Hey there CC," Guy called. He then turned his attention to me. "Gabi, in all seriousness, something is up with the weather. I decided to take this rig out for a test spin just for fun, but the readings I am getting concern me. It's why I floated over. I had to tell you."

"He's right," said CC. "That's why I'm here."  CC is St John's meteorologist and she has the telegraph at her place.

"Oh hell," I said. "There is a hurricane coming, isn't there?"

"Yes," said Guy and CC in unison.

"This one is Hurricane Frédérique,"added CC. "The telegraphs with the details started coming in about 30 minutes ago."

"Move over," I said to Guy. "The Duchess of Carntaigh is coming on board!"

I hiked up my skirts, clambered over the railing and slid into Guy's arms in the balloon. I grinned up at him, hopped up on my toes, slipped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

"Where to Milady?" he asked once he had recovered from my enthusiastic greeting.

"Take us to CC's. We have an emergency telegraph to send," I said.





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St Johnians Nominated for Rezzie Awards

15 September 2016

I am pleased to announce that two St John residents have been nominated for Rezzie Awards. The Rezzies honor content creators in Second Life.

In the Home and Garden Category, Noctis (Yelena Istmal) is nominated for Best Bathrooms, Best Gothic Builds/Furniture and Best Historic Builds/Furniture.

In the Content Creation Category, Palette (Amelia Smythe) is nominated for Best Full Perm Fabric/Upholstery Textures and Best Customer Service in Full Perm.

Voting is happening now at:

Cast your votes and support our talented St Johnians!

For more info on the Rezzies: