Tears fall uncontrollably from my eyes...this Duchess is emotionally destoyed and heartbroken...
Tonight was the Reconciliation Ball....reconcilitation - ha! There is no more false a term for what happened tonight! All of Caledon gathered in *my* home of Coughton Court in Caledon Carntaigh. Cousin Eva and I were so thrilled to be hosting our dear Cousin Kendra, otherwise known as the Kaiserin of Neualtenburg, in the home of our Grandfather! The excitement of the evening almost eclipsed my sadness at the fact that my Knight, Sir Red Caliber is away on important travels...and could not be at my side for the event.

The night was magical...everyone dressed in their finest clothes, waltzing in the moonlight. It was also the first opportunity to use Color Sgt. ZenMondo Wormser's fabulous dance card system! Thanks to his brilliant code poetry we were able to dance with proper dance cards for the very first time! I was so happy...

Suddenly without warning, Colonel Otoole burst into the hall...accompanied by a cadre of sinister guards!!! Colonel Otoole...a man that I thought was a friend to Cousin Eva and myself! This was a man I trusted...my eyes swim with tears as I think about what I fool I was to place my trust in someone who ultimately was a stranger! He accosted my dear Cousin Kendra in the middle of the room, as she was dancing with my loyal friend Sir Edward Pearse.

Photo Credit: Vulpine Eldritch

He proceeded to read a list of trumped of charges...including tax evasion...and then announced that he was arresting her! Cousin Eva and I were shocked! Outraged! And we expressed those feelings immediately...as did Sir Edward, who gallantly came to Cousin Kendra's defense. Before I realized what was happening...Otoole commanded one of his minions (Miss Hermoine Pennyfeather!!! She seemed such a tranquil lady prior to this! Who knew!) to slice Edward to bits!!

Chaos ensued...swords were drawn...and a fierce battle was raging in my Ballroom! I was terrified for my Cousin Kendra..who stood amidst the violence with a calm that only true royalty posesses (take that you over-excitable commoner Otoole!) I feared fo her...for the almost 50 guests that were in my Ballroom at the time...and for myself. I suddenly realized that Otoole and his secret police were out for blood...and war.

My Former Trusted Friend Gone Mad - Eva in white in the background, Me in red

Photo Credit: Vulpine Eldritch

Before I knew it, Otoole and his crazed zealots had overpowered my cousin's guards, and they dragged her from the room to places unknown...leaving me sobbing on my Ballroom floor, surounded by shocked and confused Caledonians. Miss Pennyfeather gravely wounded my Sweet Sir Edward by dipping the tip of her rapier in poison!!! (How completely unsportsmanlike!!!) My heart broke to witness Lady Christine's distress as he lay on the floor. Thank goodness Miss Mitsu Figaro, one of our Caledonian healers, was on hand to attend to him immediately...and Cousin Eva had him transported to the distillery at Loch Avie for further ministrations. I pray he recovers...I can not bear to lose such a dear friend!

I am bereft and lost - to be treated like this be someone I trusted!!! Someone that I gave my friendship to...and to have him behave this way - I am now in mourning and will wear nothing but black until these fiends release my Cousin Kendra.

You will pay Otoole! And Bardhaven! I might be brokenhearted and bereft today, but this is one Duchess who will fight back triumphantly...and I shall have all of Caledon with me to bring wrath upon your heads!


I am absolutely outraged by Colonel O'Toole and his bootjack hoodlums' behaviour! If I were not trapped in this nether world, I would have been at the ball, and would have gladly come to the Kaiserine's and my friend Mr. Pearse's defence!