Caledon Wars: A New Hope

Thanks to the extremely brave efforts of the ward of Lord Bardhaven, Miss Kiralette Kelley, Cousin Eva and I now have the information that we need to take action on behalf of our imprisoned Cousin Kendra!

Miss Kelley has risked her very life to bring Kendra's message to Eva and myself - click here to read about Miss Kelley's amazing bravery in her own words! Click here to read about her heroism from Sir Edward Pearse's perspective.

Kendra's Message

My dearest Cousins,

Excuse the brevity of our missive as it is quite tortuous to incribe with my pricked finger on this course napkin.

I am being held captive by the dread Lord Bardhaven. A Man of no small interest in my death. He constantly mumbles about some fellow named Clive and deals with me in the rudest of manners.

If by some fortuitous happenstance this crude message reaches you, dry your eyes and lift your spirits. The resilience of a Neualtenburger has carried me quite well through this ordeal and I though battered, I am far from beaten.

Do find away to get word to my Commander Jaeger Edelweiss, and look for some way to release me from this fetid inner core of Barhaven's keep.

I must go, Bardahven's wench Kira has eyes like a hawk., and claws like a lion.

Your's in earnest,

Your loving cousin Kendra.


We can only hope the Kaiserine is rescued soon!
Good News indeed! Well she IS still prisoner, but now that wherebouts are known, I am sure your graces will come up with a daring and dashing rescue plan. If I can be of ANY service, I am yours to call upon.
Hotspur O'Toole said…
( OOC )

"Caledon Wars, a New Hope??"

I sense a Princess Leia moment comin on at any moment... :-D

( BIC )

The Kaiserin's captivity has long outlived its usefulness.. indeed, I believe that Lord Bardhaven was rather anxious to negotiate a solution, last time we spoke on it.. you may find her gone when you show up, Your Grace..
Gabrielle Riel said…
My cousin is long gone from Caledon now Col. OToole. :-) Duchesses know how to get things done.
Thank God and Goddess that the Kaiserine is now longer in her horrid predicament!