God Save the Queen on Her Birthday

Last Thursday. my dear friends Sir Edward Pearse and Lady Christine McAllister held a charming soiree in honor of Queen Victoria's Birthday at their home, Davaar in Caledon Cay. I was pleased to provide the Victorian music of the evening, with a brief interlude of current Canadiana from my darling Knight, Sir Red Caliber. Sir Red and Lady Christine have a distinct fondess for Canadians. :-)

Guests Dancing on the Lawn at Davaar

Christine's Lovely Garden

Moon Rising Over Coughton Court and Carntaigh

My Cousin Eva, Her Grace of Loch Avie was in attendance. It was lovely to see Captain Erasmus Margulis and his charming fiancee Lady Lavendar Beaumont. As well as Sir ZenMondo Wormser, MrRay Hapmouche, Miss Hermoine Pennyfeather, Col. Exrex Somme, Miss Maggie Marseille and many more guests. I do hope Her Majesty would have approved! :-)


Newbe Writer said…
I am so disappointed to have been kept from attendance due to RL realities. I may possibly have worn touque, parka and mukluks, but only if that vile concoction known as "Blue" was nowhere near in site! Coming from the colony known as Upper Canada, it would have been heartwarming to see the Canadiana about (pronounced aboot), eh?
Who keeps that very false rumour going that Canadians say "Aboot"? I most certainly have never pronounced it that way. Perhaps it is an eastern Canadian thing. Right Sir Red?? *Grins*
Edward Pearse said…
Mr. Writer, you seem to be under the misaprehension that celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday is a uniquely Canadian pasttime.

I'm not a Canadian nor have I ever been there.

I'm just a Victorian :-)