A "Scream" of a Party

This evening I held a "Scream Off Some Steam" party at Coughton Court. It has been a stressful, up and down week...for many reasons. Miss Christine McAllister eloquently describes some of the drama that has come along with the Caledon-Neualtenburg conflict perfectly in a post on her Blog, which you can read here. That situation was one of several that left me feeling the need to host a big bash.

So tonight, I decided to blow the lid off Carntaigh...and oh my, did we ever! :-) Here I am dancing by myself, prior to the arrival of my fabulous, decadent and naughty guests.

Thank you so much to all of you that attended! I know for some of you it was your first time at one of my "wild, un-Duchess-like" gatherings....and everyone was such a good sport about it. Of course, it wouldn't have been a "Gabi party" without the....drumroll please...Duchess Sandwich. The lucky recipient this time? My Knight...my darling, Sir Red Caliber.

At first he did not seem interested in the dance with me and Cousin Eva...for fear it would malign his reputation. Needless to say, the other gentlemen in the room expressed their feelings that he had lost his marbles.

You can see clearly here in the pictoral evidence that he changed his mind.

What more can I say other than "a good time was had by all"? :-) A fun party with wondeful friends, and with my Beau!

The evil Baron himself, Lord Bardhaven has also kindly described the events of the party in his post here. Well, not ALL of the events from the party...those that were in private IMs are lost to the aether forever.... ;-)