I just love, love, love a good surprise! And boy did Lady Kate and I ever pull one over on Cousin Eva! :-)

Not only is Eva my cousin, but also a very, very dear friend. She has been there for me, and for the human behind the avatar that is Gabrielle Riel. Yes, Duchesses do cry on eachother's shoulders! :-) Therefore, I wanted to do something extremely special for her on her first Rez Day in Second Life.

Lady Kate and I, with the help of input from other friends, were able to fly this one totally under Eva's radar...which is quite a feat as she is the Goddess of logistics and planning! We lured her to the party on the pretense that I was reviving my show "Gen X with Gabrielle" (which *is* going to happen soon!)...and once we had her in our clutches...surprise!!! What ensued was one of the best Naughty Duchess parties to date!

The New and Improved Duchess Sandwich

JJ Drinkwater, Eva & ZenMondo Wormser Get Down

Caledon's Newest SuperGroup: Little Eva and the Tartans

There really isn't much more I can say about the evening...other than it rocked! I was truly inspired with music; sets were just materializing in my mind as I went along. I love it when I can DJ in such a fluid and natural manner!

Several of the other guests detailed the fun in their if you want to learn more about the party, check out the blog entries from:

Dear Eva, I hope that you had a wonderful time - I wanted to give this gift to you. For everything that you are and everything that you mean to me!

The Rose of Loch Avie

Oh, Caledon's a country
Where love and war are bold
Of glory won in Caledon
A thousand tales are told

But I've a tale far sweeter
If you'll give ear to me
Of a bonny bloom of Caledon
The Rose of Loch Avie

A fire burns on Loch Avie
To give the darkness light
The Uisge they distill there
Will put your woes to flight

But brighter yet than need fire
more sweet than drink can be
Is Caledon's own darling
The Rose of Loch Avie

The revels held on Loch Avie
Will draw a merry throng
To dance to pipe and fiddle
And laugh the whole night long

Fair guesting there, to warm the heart
And raise a shout of glee
The welcome cheer extended by
The Rose of Loch Avie

A quiet walk along the Loch
Will ease a troubled mind
At every turn there's new delight
The wanderer will find

An ear for every tale of woe
Heart's joy shared fleet and free
A gentle word for sorrow
Has the Rose of Loch Avie

In friendship and in fealty
In courtesy and creed
True and fair and holdfast
To honour's thought and deed

If I went and wrote these praises
on the leaf on every tree
I still would scant the merit of
The Rose of Loch Avie

Nor worldly state, nor riches great
nor peerless pride of place
but nature's stamp of gentleness
that gives the Rose her grace

If ever you're in Caledon
Come raise your glass with me
Salute the Rose without a thorn
That blooms on Loch Avie


Dear Gabrielle-
Though RL has kept me from the blog run of late....and it is nearly one week since the surprise party...I just want you to know that I - and the human behing the avatar - am blessed to call you friend. Thank you so much for the fabulous surprise party and for the daily friendship extended to me.

Oh and by the way, lest I forget to say it, YOU AND KATE ROCK!