I Caledon, Take You, Steelhead...

Last night I had the priviledge of attending the handfasting of two of my dearest Second Life friends, Christine McAllister and Edward Pearse.

The ceremony was 700 m. in the air in the Chapel in Loch Avie. A select group of us gathered to witness Edward and Christine exchange their vows to each other. Their words of love and devotion to each other moved me to tears. Christine's brother, Mr. TotalLunar Eclipse escorted her to the altar, and Miss Emily Orr stood on behalf of Sir Edward.

Edward and Christine Exchange Vows

And there was much kissing...

The Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom

After the ceremony, we all repaired to the brand-sparkling-new Steelhead Hotel Ballroom. Mr. Eclipse spent the last four days renovating the hotel for his sister's wedding, and I must say he did a stunning job!

Many residents of both Caledon and Steelhead were in attendance, and danced the night away in honor of the newlyweds to the highly entertaining music provided by Steelhead's Sherriff Mr. Fuzzball Ortega.

Edward and Christine lead the first dance - My beloved Sir Red and I are dancing next to them

Party like it's 1889...

My sincerest congratulations to Edward and Christine. I love you both!