On Hiatus

Radio Riel and the Duchess will be on hiatus for the next few days. Stay tuned to this Blog for details on when scheduling will resume.


Chin up Your Grace. You've got more friends and supporters than you know.
Erasmus Margulis said…
Take all the time you need your Grace, but not a minute more. Your subjects, your neighbors and your friends all miss you.
Diamanda Gustafson said…
Hotspur O'Toole said…
I can only echo the sentiments that have already been expressed, Your Grace. Your friends are here for you when you need us.
JJ Drinkwater said…
Indeed, your Grace, wherever you are, there too are our affection and the high esteem in which we hold you. I pray you will call on us, when you have even the slightest need.
Madame, your servant
JJ Drinkwater
Would that I had been present when you needed me. You know my mind, though, and I am available to you in world and out.

You are missed, but we certainly understand the need for your private time away from SL.

With my love,
Lynne said…
Go outside and listen to some birds. Come back when you're ready. We miss you, and we understand.

What everyone else has already said, Miss Riel. See you when you get back...

Alfonso Avalanche
*hugs you warmly* I'm here for you if you ever just want someone to listen.
Lapin Paris said…
Your Grace,
I look forward to seeing your lovely face and warm presence in Caledon soon..If I can offer you a fun diversion in the way of a shopping expedition- do let me know! Hugs!- Miss Paris