This is the final word on what occurred last Sunday night at Mr. JJ Drinkwater's Rez Day.

I have stripped Mr. Red Caliber of his Knighthood in Carntaigh and removed him from my Court. He is no longer my Consort.

Mr. Caliber will be taking a leave of absence from Radio Riel of an undetermined length.

Mr. Caliber has also chosen to leave Caledon temporarily, which is his choice, and not something I desire.

I know that each of you has your own opinion on this situation, but what matters to me most is my own. I have forgiven him for what happened, and I consider this matter in the past.

Red Caliber and Gabrielle Riel were friends before we became a couple. I still consider him my friend. I do not want to hear of people treating him poorly due to this situation. He retains the affection and loyalty I give to my friends, and I wish him the best in "starting again" as my friend, my coworker and a citizen of the Independent State of Caledon.


I fully support you in your decision, and shall gladly follow your wishes in the matter. Caledon is blessed to have such a wise and brave Duchess, and I am blessed to have such a great friend! *hugs*
Neb said…
Excellent! I'm glad to hear that you have some kind of closure. Thanks for the admonition to all to "move on". Here's to much future happiness for you!