Eggs in the RFL Basket

On Monday evening I was enjoying my typical glass of Champagne with friends at The Falling Anvil. It has been such a long time since I have been out to simply be social! I am usually working behind the scenes, or on the air - and this was a welcome respite!

Z. Wormser, E. Somme, H. Otoole, L. Beaumont, M. Figaro, T. Yoshikawa, G. Cleanslate, Myself and D. Gustafson

Miss Gustafson and Yours Truly

Suddenly, distantly, I heard the very recognizable refrain of "We Like to Party" by the Vengaboys. And in rode Caledonians in Blue...and on...cows.

The Blues and The Reds Chat

Col. Pearse and Col. Scaggs

Col. Scaggs invited Col. Pearse to have a drink, and somehow they fell to discussing the riveting subject of how to eat one's softboiled egg.

Well, of course there is no question about that! The small end sits upright! But alas, the Colonel in Blue and his regiment seem to be woefully misinformed on the subject. And so it begins... the great Egg Battle has commenced. :-)