Give me a C!

A-L-E-D-O-N - What's it spell? CALEDON!!!

This week is the highly anticipated Relay for Life Caledon Militia Roleplay! I look forward to the spirited battles in the days ahead! I hope that everyone has much fun with this...and that we all keep our core values of politeness, good sportmanship and humor for the duration.

Captain Mordecai Scaggs is heading up the Blue Team, and Sir Edward Pearse the Red Team. Sir Edward is my SL "family" and a Knight in my court...therefore I wanted to show him my support in a unique way. Behold... the Red Hot Red Team Cheerleaders!

Lady Christine, Cousin Eva and I Bring It On

To say that we were highly amused during our "Red Team Cheerleader Uniform Search" is putting it mildly. Then the following day, when I was assisting my friend Major Squirrel Zuhal with shopping for a kilt, I stumbled upon the *perfect* uniform...and one that is more appropriately "Caledon"! :-)

Caledon Style Cheerleading

If you are a Lady supporting the Red Team, please contact me and I will issue you a uniform. :-)


Diamanda Gustafson said…
I would feel even more cheered if we could get a couple of male cheerleaders :D Great work, your Grace!
Zoe Connolly said…
Oh I so wish I could participate in this!