Lovely Time in Lovelace

What a pleasure it was to be a part of the Caledon Library's Harry Potter Celebration last evening! I had the *best* time creating a "Harry Potter" music playlist! :-) I hope those of you that attended enjoyed the music as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

The evening starting slowly, as is usually the case with SL events. I was at Lovelace with Caledon's Head Librarian, Mr. JJ Drinkwater, serving as the "Library Location Host".

Mr. Drinkwater (aka Sir JJ) Waltzes with Me as We Await the Guests

The Wizards and Witches Groove Miss Diamanda Gustafson (aka Lady WhoopAss) and I Work it In Sync

"There once was a..."

I think the best part of the evening was the spontaneous Limerick Fest that occurred towards the end of the night. The Limericks were just *so* good...I had to reprint them here!

On the subject of Sir Hotspur Otoole...

There once was a man named Otoole, That caused many women to drool. Just ask anybunny, he was really punny, A joker, a trickster, a fool! ~ Miss Eugenia Burton

There once was a knight called Sir Hotsie, who liked his Guiness and Scotchie, he drank till he bled, made his keyboard red, and cussed like a drunkedn Nazi. ~ Lady Amber Palowakski

On the subject of Sir Telemachus Dean...

There was man named Sir Tele, with Rippling Biceps and flat belly.. he grinned and he prattled, the ladies got rattled, and their knees transformed into jelly!! ~ Sir Hotspur Otoole

On the subject of Yours Truly...

There once was a Lady named Gabi, who's DJ'ing never was shabby, She once played a song, JJ showed in a thong, And the girls all purred like a Tabby. ~ Lady Amber Palowakski

On the subject of Lady Amber and Mr. Book...

Lady Amber and her Mr. Book, Are both lovely - just give them a look! They both are so pretty, and both are so witty. I wonder if either can cook? ~ Miss Eugenia Burton

There once was a man named Book, When he saw me his knees really shook, But he took a deep breath, and defied even death, and with sweetest words my heart he took. ~ Lady Amber Palowakski

On the subject of Lady WhoopAss...

There once was a lady named Dia, Who said to the Were "we'll see ya", as she pulled out her blade, and sliced the dread shade, and daintily sipped from her tea-a. ~ Lady Amber Palowakski

On the subject of Doctor Mitsu Figaro...

Dr. Mitsu Figaro, Cannot play the piccolo. Whenever she tries, a nearby bird cries, "Why can't she try the sitar-o?" ~ Miss Eugenia Burton

There once was a Dr. named Mitsu, who practiced daily jujitso, When her patient complained, Wouldn't Let her fix his sprain, She said "if you don't sit still I will blitz you". ~ Lady Amber Palowakski

On the subject of Caledon Librarian, Mr. Turing Weyland...

Mr. Turing (also called Mr. Weyland), Got the notion to go to an island, He put on a thong - It didn't stay long - For it kept creeping up to his 'Highlands'. ~ Miss Eugenia Burton

On the subject of the Harry Potter Trivia Winner, Mr. Jameson Despres...

At a contest, one Mr. Despres, Won a trophy for taking the day! Not with good looks, But for knowing his books, We should give him a rousing hurray! ~ Miss Eugenia Burton

On the subject of Caledon's "Harmless Librarian"...

Despite our librarian's claim, He is anything other than tame. The rumors are true, If only you knew! He puts Casanova to shame! ~ Miss Eugenia Burton

In limerick's rhythmic restriction, I confess that I have an affliction, I make myself pretty, And go to VicCity, For *librarians* not for the fiction! ~ Miss Eugenia Burton

A librarian lectured on matters Dewey and Decimal.. as the lady's attention grew infitesimal, she yawned and she stretched, the librarian kvetched, he wanted alady more impressionable! ~ Sir Hotspur Otoole

There once was a Lady Burton, who hid behind the library's curtain, Watching JJ in a thong, dancing to a song...she was taking pictures I'm certain. ~ Lady Amber Palowakski

There once was a gent named Drinkwater,/Who always inclined to think Lotte/Lenya, when asked/to celebrated (masked)/The Feast of Our Blessed Pink Daughter. ~ Mr. Jameson Despres

One gentleman, JJ Drinkwater, Always did what he ought'r. His unending work, He never did shirk, making Ignorance ripe for the slaughter! ~ Miss Eugenia Burton

There one was a man named JJ, who some thought was gay, till a lady asked for his favor, but what he gave her, she will not say. ~ Mr. 98 Book

Many thanks to the Limerick authors for giving me permission to reprint their dazzling work here in my Blog!

And my heavens...I have to wonder now if it was proper of me to dance with Mr. Drinkwater unescorted, after reading these limericks about him? :-)


JJ Drinkwater said…
Mr Drinkwater would like to unequivocally state, on the subject of the many Limericks perpetrated at this stellar and literature-friendly event, that

Imprimus: none of this is true

Secundus: your humble servant (and Caledon's) was somewhere else altogether at the time

Tertius: there is only so much Limericking a fellow can stand, and no doubt the Royal Society will take this up in due course as a subject of which time yhs(ac) will unquestionably somewhere else, possibly under his bed.
*grins* It was a great evening, and the limericking was fun. Seeing all the limericks about the *TRULY* honourable Mr. Drinkwater (it seems most were about him), only proves how much he is really liked and appreciated in Caledon! He has been a blessing to our faire land from the first, and I for one hope he stays with us for a very long time (our good-natured poking at him notwithstanding)!