Management of Virtual World Libraries

Last Friday, Caledon's esteemed Librarian, Mr. JJ Drinkwater, contacted me about providing music for a class that he and one of his colleagues were going to be giving in the Reading Garden in Caledon Prime.

I was intrigued...I have been fascinated by the application of education in Second Life. (My human is an Instructional Designer - my inner training geek was let loose!) I was especially excited to learn this was a RL class, associated with a RL University.

What transpired were two very enjoyable hours of me observing RL education at work in SL. Miss Lorelei Juno presented first, and then Mr. Drinkwater. The students, for the most part, were all quite new to Second Life, and it was interesting to hear the types of questions they had. It took me back to what I felt like when I was new in this strange and exciting world!

The Class Begins to GatherIncorporating Dance and Music During Lecture
Mr. Drinkwater Speaks to His Eager Students

The class went well...especially as it was the first time the instructors delivered it. My brain went into "Trainer Overdrive" as my human plotted and planned methods of instruction in Second Life. (She is currently offering a class on Second Life at her RL place of employment.) The students dealt well with the learning curve of simply *being* in SL, and were able to reap the benefits of the class.

Mr. Drinkwater has done a fine service to Caledon AGAIN by holding last Friday's class in our fair State. The students now all know of our community, and hopefully they will return with knowledge gained from this class and contribute to Caledon, just as Mr. Drinkwater and all of his fine Librarians of the Caledon Library do!


This is absolutely wonderful!