Relay, Radio Riel and Relaxation

What a busy, busy weekend! I most definitely did not sleep enough, but I do feel like I (along with others) accomplished much!

Edward the Earl and Otenth the Jarl rocked The Rock Factory on Friday evening. After seeing them off at the top of the show, I "let go of the bike and let them ride" - I left for an evening to myself!!! I can not remember the last time I was able to just go "play" about the has been far, far too long!

Saturday was the start of RFL. I was so proud to wear my Caledon Tartan and to enjoy the commeraderie at the beautiful Caledon Campsite. Mr. Podruly Peccable kindly offered to accompany me on my lap, which started at 6:00pm SLT. And what a lap! The route was long, and wound through the most amazing builds! Any time anyone tells me that Second Life isn't real, I will point to the almost $32,000,000.00 Lindens raised to help eradicate cancer. I walked for Ann, my human's son's preschool teacher - an amazing woman who has now survived her FOURTH bout with this disease.

Saturday night, I was pleased, thrilled and honored to launch Radio Riel's newest DJ, Lady Diamanda Gustafson! I asked her to prepare an hour long set that would introduce our audience to her style of music! And did she ever!!! Where else, other than Caledon, would one find a crowd so happily dancing to Finnish Folk Metal? :-) I am *so* proud of Dia, and so happy to bring her into the Radio Riel family. I know that Caledon will welcome her to our airwaves with open arms!

After Dia finished, I Raved. Until 1:00am SLT. *Ahem* Enough said. ;-)

The next morning I rolled my hung-over self out of bed for a 7:00am SLT RFL lap, upon which Her Grace of Primverness kindly to accompanied me. Kudos to Captain Viderian Vollmar and his 19 laps that he did in under 24 hours! His 4th place of most laps completed brought honor to himself and all of Caledon! By the time I reached the Caledon Campsite, most everyone had left, save for Lady Dia, Mr. Denver Hax, Miss Abigail Raymaker and Mr. JJ (Sir JJ) Drinkwater. We weren't quite ready to stop celebrating, so I suggested that we repair to a Ballroom that I know of in Osborne - The Wunderbar Ballroom (Osborne (166, 138, 61)).

Lady Dia and Mr. Hax - Sir JJ and myself - Miss Raymaker and Mr. Dreamingen Writer

Lady Dia and Mr. Hax Display an Amazing Tango

Sir JJ and I Discuss Installing a Library Branch at Wunderbar

It was the perfect ending to a very busy weekend - fun and conversation while relaxing with friends!


Your Grace,

Your trust humbled me deeply. I was more than happy spinning for all my good friends, and I am looking forward to do it again! Your welcome to Radio Riel has been warmer than a fuzzy blanket!

Vivats Tanglewood Metal!