Vintage Clothing Reproductions

I have been away on RL vacation, thus the delay in this post!

Last Friday, July 13, I had the great pleasure of attending the Grand Opening of Vintage Clothing Reproductions, an endeavor by the extremely talented fashion designer, Miss Skye Qi.

She held the opening in her new shop in Caledon VictoriaCity. We guests were treated to a fashion show of Miss Qi's newly released Victorian reproduction dresses. The hostess for the show was Miss Abigail Raymaker of Caledon.
Miss Raymaker Welcomes the Guests
The Ladies Gather
A Stunning New Parisian Day Dress (I bought it!)
Miss Mitsu Figaro and I Discuss Potential Purchases

Not only was this a Grand Opening gala, but Miss Qi kindly offered to donate 50% of the price of every item sold during the event to Relay for Life! I am not sure of the total, but I know that they had raised around $20,000 L by the time I was forced to take my leave.

I want to extend my sincerely congratulations to Miss Qi, Miss Raymaker and their team. This event was a resounding success, and I personally plan to do much shopping at Miss Qi's store in the future. Her designs are not only historically accurate...but stunningly made - true works of art.


However did I miss out on the knowledge of this event?! *pouts* Though I am certain 98's wallet is happy I did.
Nightbird said…
Dear Lady, I do wish you had included an SLURL with your post. I am currently trying to locate this very store again.
Gabrielle Riel said…
This event was not held at the store location. It was a special event in Caledon VictoriaCity...however Miss Qi's Main Store is in the Sim of Pamran located at