The Court Presentation Ball

This past Saturday evening was my Presentation Ball for the Court of Carntaigh. Thank you to all of the residents of Caledon that attended this event! I am so very grateful to all of you that were able to share this special night with me. It was my opportunity to thank the friends that have done so much for me, and for the Independent State of Caledon.

I created a large dance platform in the water right across from Coughton Court. I wanted to hold the event outside, under the stars. And speaking of stars, many thanks to Lady Christine Pearse for assisting me with last minute decorating details...and for procuring the shower of stars that rained gently on the guests throughout the evening.

The Dance Platform In Front of Coughton Court (Photo C. Pearse)

Overlooking the Event (Photo E. Bellambi)

The Dancing Begins (Photo C. Pearse)

I did spring a bit of a surprise on the ladies of my Court during the presentation - I decided before the event that I would like to induct them as well into the Order of the Nightingale, thereby making them all Dames. "There is nothing like a dame..."

The gentlemen of the Court all looked so dashing in their attire, the "Dark and Dandy" from Miss Fuschia Begonia. And I wore a custom gown made just for me, for the occasion by Miss Skye Qi - a stunning deep red velvet trimmed with ermine (thank you Edward for the ermine!).

I handled the music quite a bit differently at this event compared to "typical Balls". Normally I work very hard at creating playlists with a good deal of variety in order to appeal to everyone's musical tastes, and to create a period feel. Well, all of that went out the window as I played my favorites in Classical music to honor my friends and to make the event all the more personal. I can not tell you how moving it was for me to be able to share "my music" with Caledon. Yes, I know I play music in Caledon all the time...but not like this! :-)

Once again, this time in this space, I would like to honor the members of my Court:

Thank you to Mr. Lance Jansen, for all of your support in Caledon (and elsewhere, which ultimately enables to do what I need to do in Caledon!), and for your diligent care of Carntaigh.

Thank you to Dame Eleanor Brentano, for sitting on my back porch of my house in Caledon-on-Sea over a year ago and agreeing to build Coughton Court for me because I wanted "somewhere to throw parties". :-)

Thank you to Dame Lapin Paris, for coming to me in February and offering to help me in any way you could in Caledon - and look at everything you have accomplished since that time Lady of Tanglewood! Your tireless efforts for the RFL are recognized by ALL of Caledon.

Thank you to Mr. Jess Patton, my first true friend here in Caledon and superb architect to the Guvnah himself! It's thanks to you that many of the citizens here have roofs over their heads. I know how many hours of building and support you have put into our fair State.

Thank you to Doctor Oolon Sputnik, Caledon's filmmaker extraordinaire and one of our premier "storytellers". Your works, both film and written, give life and history to this community...and make it all the more "real". (My human also owes you a debt of gratitude for the RL work with which you assisted her re: SL!)

Thank you to Sir ZenMondo Wormser, Caledon's brilliant and talented Code Poet! You are a true asset to us all because you are so willing to use your skills to better this community - one example of many: the dance card system that you created for me and the Caledon Social Season events.

Thank you to Sir Hotspur Otoole, another key Caledon Storyteller, telling our stories through the adventures on your Blog and through all of your tireless work and support on the various Caledon roleplays - and thank you especially for your superior Film Direction! :-)

Thank you to Sir JJ Drinkwater, Director of Caledon's Library, the PREMIERE Library on the SL grid. You came to Caledon and fed our thirst for information and knowledge - and with the utmost panache! Caledon would not be what it is today without you and your team of fabulous Librarians.

Thank you to Lord Zealot and Lady Kirawill, Baron and Baroness of Bardhaven, for giving your time and effort to Caledon in the forms of your Blogs and of the events that you have so kindly sponsored for the citizens here, such as the Innert00b Races and the Adam & Eve Fashion Show with Miss Sachi Vixen.

Thank you to Lord Edward and Lady Christine, Earl and Countess of Primbroke - you two are my family here in SL (along with Eva) and have been true friends to me...and in addition to that BOTH of you have been constant supporters of all community events, from Balls to RP to the Militia to your Blogs...and the list goes on.

Thank you to Her Grace, Eva Bellambi, The Duchess of Loch Avie, and my Cousin. I love you dearly...for everything you have done for me and for everything you have done for Caledon. I could not do what I do here without your love and support.

Thank you Caledon, for being the community that you are, and for helping me fully become the woman I was always meant to be.

Vivat Caledon!

The Nightingale

(Slide photos: C. Pearse, E. Bellambi, O. Sputnik)

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