Gettin' Jiggy Wit It

Last night I had just concluded an important meeting, and was on the brink of diving into administrative work for Radio Riel, when I received a message from my good friend, and Knight of my Order, Sir Hotspur Otoole. He was a very happy man, due to some recent changes in the landscape of his neighborhood in Caledon Tamrannoch, and he invited me to come jig with him in celebration.

How could I turn down the opportunity for dancing with friends? I threw some reels and jigs into the Radio Riel playlist, hopped over to Tam...and got down with Sir Hotspur and Lady WhoopAss! Lady Christine, Countess of Primbroke joined us as well.

Sir Hotspur, Lady Diamanda and The Duchess

"na na na na na na na nana
na na na na nana
gettin jiggy wit it"

Lady Christine, Lady Dia and I Transition into Social Planning Discussions

Needless to say...much fun was had by all! ;-)


My, my, on this last picture we look positively gossiptastic!
Gabrielle Riel said…
Gossip? Gossip?

We were "social planning"!

Indeed....planning ideas on how to not let so much cheese go to waste...I'm sure that's what we were discussing, quite positive! *Grins*