Happy Rez Day Christine!

I think that your first Rez Day in Second Life is such an important event. It means you've stuck with this "Second Life thing" for the long haul - which is unusual in a world with almost 10 million Avatars, yet only 450,000 truly active residents.

Therefore I was thrilled to be able to work "in supa sekret" with my dear friend Lord Edward Pearse to create a nice surprise soirée for his lovely bride, and my partner in many crimes, Lady Christine. :-)

The Crowd Dances Next to the "Wall of Christine"

Work It JJ, Work It Gabi

Coughton Court Parties for the Rez Day Girl

DR. WHOOO! Out Come the Daleks

Christine - I hope you had a wonderful time at your Rez Day party! You are a true friend and I love you!


Awwww!!! Thank you!! I had such a wonderful time and was truly surprised (even though I suspected something was up that evening). Here's to many more "crimes" being committed ;-D