The Journey to...the Mysterious Island - Gabrielle's Story Part 1

Eva closed the door of my cottage behind her quickly in order to keep out as much of the falling ash as possible. I looked up from the Tea Tray, having just poured two steaming cups. Eva brushed the ash from her hair as she came to settle on the sofa next to me, and I handed her her cup.

Gabrielle Riel: Did you get Bucephelus settled in the stable?

Eva Bellambi: Yes, although he is spooked and restless due to this...situation.

We both looked out the North window of my cottage - at the freak of geological nature that was now sitting in what had been my stunning, unblemished coastal view of the ocean. Just at that moment, as if to piss me off and say "I am sending your property value into the toliet", the volcano shot sparks and lava into the sky.

Eva Bellambi: I spoke to Kate, she and the team feel that this is a serious threat to Caledon. The Royal Society is concerned that this volcano will destroy the surrounding Sims at the very least. Cay, Mayfair, Carntaigh...

Gabrielle Riel: *rudely interrupts Eva* WHAT?? Carntaigh?? No! My Manor!!! Where will I hold my parties???

Eva Bellambi: I find your concern for Caledon touching, Gabi.

Gabrielle Riel: Well...of course...yes...Caledon... *sighs* Oh, I simply can not lose Coughton Court...

Eva Bellambi: Focus, Gabi, focus. Caledon needs us now. You heard Lord Bardhaven, he is willing to spearhead and fund this expedition to Phillip, and the Royal Society is not going to turn away such a generous offer.

Gabrielle Riel: Heh. An offer that likely has all sorts of strings attached. That man...unnerves me. I feel like he has agendas that he never reveals.

Eva Bellambi: Yes, I thought of that. That is why we need to go. We need to keep an eye on him...for the good of Caledon.

Gabrielle Riel: We??? Eva, you jest!

Eva Bellambi: Absolutely not! It's our duty as Caledonian Duchesses and I want you with me.

Gabrielle Riel: I can't just LEAVE! I have a Radio Station to to DJ...parties to host.....

Eva Bellambi: Gabi, you have been on a non stop circuit of parties for weeks...

Gabrielle Riel: Yes...and you know why.

Eva Bellambi: *smiles softly* I do indeed my dear. I want what is best for you, and I think this is it. An opportunity to pull yourself out of what has been troubling you. An opportunity to do something for Caledon.

Gabrielle Riel: An opportunity to stop playing Andy Bell's "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" at every contemporary event I do?

Eva Bellambi: *breezes right past the last comment* An opportunity for adventure dear Gabi! Don't you see? This is exactly like the type of adventures we dreamed of as little girls playing "Safari" in the halls of Coughton Court!

Gabrielle Riel: But're serious have intelligence service experience...I am just...a Party Girl.

Eva Bellambi: Gabrielle Riel, if I ever hear you refer to yourself as "just a Party Girl" again, I will put on my Naughty Nun costume and give you a good paddling!

Eva and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Gabrielle Riel: Um...we should charge for that! lol

Eva Bellambi: Maybe a fundaraiser idea for next year's RFL? ;-)

Gabrielle Riel: Indeed...anyway...

Eva Bellambi: Anyway, it's settled. I am going to arrange for Kate to get us on that expedition. Bardhaven needs watching - we need to ensure that this expedition is handled in Caledon's best interests. And I need your help for that.

Gabrielle Riel: *sighs* ...ok

Eva Bellambi: YES!

Gabrielle Riel: How much can we pack? You know I am not leaving home without my Champagne and my tunes...

Eva and I fell to planning what to pack, and then she quickly took her leave to head back to Loch Avie to gather her things. I was in the process of wrapping 50 Edison cylinders in tissue paper when there was a knock at my cottage door. A messenger handed me a thick packet with the seal of Bardhaven emblazoned on the front. Wow...Eva works fast...we're in!

So, what does one wear on a dangerous expedition to an Island with an active volcano? I had just properly secured my travelling dress made by my dressmaker extraordinaire Miss Skye Qi, when I heard another knock at the door - this time a messenger with a note from Eva:

Dear Gabrielle,
Please meet me at the docks in Cay in two hours time. We set sail today on the Aronnax with the following team:
Vivat Caledon!

Approximately three hours later, I stood on the deck of the Aronnax as the ship slowly pushed off from the Cay dockside. The crowds on the docks cheered and waved - I gave them my best "aristocratic Duchess wave" and public smile.

I turned to Eva at my side and took a deep breath. She smiled and placed her hand on my arm, letting me know she felt I had made the right decision. On the other side of me, Lady Darkling stood, happily eating a large red apple. Next to her was Lady Amber...with a faraway look in her eyes, and sipping repeatedly from a silver flask.

Behind the four of us, I could hear Dr. Sputnik and Miss Lightfoot in hushed conversation as Lord Bardhaven said to Mr. Abel, " you Mr. Abel."

I closed my eyes - banishing the thoughts of the upcoming parties I would be missing. For a split second a small green house set amidst a grove of Birch trees flashed through my mind...and the pain that hit my heart was almost too much to bear. I took a deep breath again, and opened my eyes, and called out to my fellow travelers:

"Anyone for some Dom Perignon?" :-)


"Anyone for some Dom Perignon?" :-)

*looks up from sipping her flask and suddenly smiles brightly, waving her hand* "Oh yes! Me!"
DarklingRose said…
I'd loov a glass! In fact, two glasses, if yeh please.

ehm... does anyone have a straw?
Gabrielle Riel said…
*pours a glass for Lady Amber*

*pours two for Lady Darkling, and passes her a straw*
Kira said…
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Kira said…
Watches from the peephole in the barrel, hoping Darkling will take just a few steps closer....*
DarklingRose said…
*waits til everyone is tipsy, then sidles up to the kitten barrel, setting the glass and straw up, hidden, so that the bored kitty can slurp*