Such a Saturday

Saturday, August 18 was the busiest day the Caledon Events Calendar has ever seen! We had 6 "official" events on the docket, and several more personal and private gatherings. I was unable to attend everything...but my goodness! Who could?

Happy Birthday Mr. Peccable!
Yesterday, Mr. Podruly Peccable held a dual celebration in Caledon-on-Sea - his housewarming party and his RL birthday party. Many Caledonians stopped by to convey their good wishes upon Mr. Peccable, and the revelers enjoyed themselves on the beach, in the water, and finally dancing on the Pier. Welcome Mr. Peccable to the neighborhood! He is now my direct neighbor as his home sits in the NE corner of Caledon-on-Sea and mine sits in the NW corner of Caledon Cay.

The Lovecraftian Ball
The Dark Victorians, led by Miss Violet Schnabel and Mr. Subghoul Epsilon held a gothic, H.P. Lovecraft-inspired dance in Miss Schnabel's Grove in Caledon Tanglewood. Lord Edward, Earl of Primbroke took to the decks of his amazing sound system and cranked out the gothic tunes. Something was definitely afoot last night in the grove, as many of the attendees appeared to be...well...quite mad!

Stories at the Anvil
Mr. JJ Drinkwater, Director of Caledon's Library, and Mr. Aldo Stern, Proprietor of the Falling Anvil in Caledon Tamrannoch held their extremely popular storytelling event. I stopped in for a bit and listened to some deeply moving tales - and suddenly found myself telling a tale of my own! *laughs* Mr. Drinkwater has collected the stories from yesterday in the Caledon Library, as well as my late entry "The Story of the Curse of the First Gig - and How it Was Broken".

Formal Ball at Taigh Rois
My dear Cousin Eva (Her Grace of Loch Avie) held a formal dance to celebrate her new home, Taigh Rois, in Loch Avie. Eva worked with the ever-so-talented-builder Lady Kate Nicholas to create her lovely manse. It was a wonderful evening of friends, dancing and music. There was however, a series of disturbing events that occurred at the very end of the night. I must say, I find this development deeply troubling for our fair land. As a Duchess in Caledon, I will do anything in my power to facilitate diplomacy in this matter!

Tartan for a Day
After the conclusion of the formal part of the Ball in Loch Avie, we transitioned into a much more...relaxed frame of mind. The Caledon Supergroup-Sensation "Little Eva and the Tartans" made an appearance last night with a special guest star!

Little Eva - Eva Bellambi
The Tartans - Erasmus Margulis, JJ Drinkwater, Zenmondo Wormser & Gabrielle Riel
Tartan for a Day - Eugenia Burton

As is typical of a Caledon Rout....much naughty fun was had by all!

Photographic Evidence
Here is a smattering of photos from the events of the day:

Cool Slideshows!


Otenth said…
Not only a long day (and far into the night!), but you already have a wonderful report written. You amaze me!
Just commenting to say that right now you're playing Mayden Layne and making my day better.


Diamanda's Demented Damsel.
This weekend was toooo much fun!!!
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