Three Years in SL?

You read that right! It is possible to spend three years in SL and not be packed up and sent to the nearest inpatient psychiatric facility! (Well, at least not that we know of...)

Last Wednesday night, Serra Anansi, Seneschal of Winterhaven and Elder Stateswoman of Caledon, marked her third Rez Day at a soiree in Winterfell Ebonshire. I owe much to Miss Serra, for it was she who gave me to opportunity to host my first Caledon event - a Ladies Society Tea at the beginning of July 2006.

The Celebrants Dance to Synn Trenton's Tunes

The Caledon Duchesses "Represent"

The Rez Day Girl... ...Receives a Spanking from Our Librarian??

A very Happy Rez Day to Serra! Thank you Serra for providing me with what became the opportunity of *both* of my lifetimes!