To Sir? Not to Sir - There is No Question

We Caledonians, at least those of us that have lived here for at least a month, are quite used to our "formal" use of forms of address when conversing with our fellow residents. I recently solidified and announced the Court of Carntaigh, and in the process named three Knights, one of whom is my dear friend and Caledon's Library Director, Mr. JJ Drinkwater.

Even though he is a Knight of the Order of the Nightingale and Knight Commander of The Library Militant, he has asked me to continue to refer to him as "Mr. Drinkwater", and I would appreciate it if all residents of Caledon would honor his wishes in this regard. From the SL History Wiki - page on titles in Caledon:

A note concerning The Library Militant: the obligatory vows are Literacy, Obstinacy, and Bibliomancy, but the Order is also strongly governed by custom. While there is no formal vow of Humility, custom dictates that Knights Commander eschew the use of formal titles in address, unless their lands and territories independently entitle them to same.

Therefore, our dear Mr. Drinkwater shall be addressed as such! Yes, he is technically Sir JJ, but it is important that he retain a form of address that befits a public servant here in Caledon. So, the next time you see him, give him a cheerful "Hello Mr. Drinkwater!" and please thank him for all he has done for our great State.


ErasmusMargulis said…
Your Grace,

The humiltiy and dedication that Mr. Drinkwater presents is but another indication that you have made a most excellent choice in knighting the gentleman. His tireless work and dedication to our fair land and it's inhabitants and visitors is a beacon to the rest of us.

I have had the honor to call Mr. Drinkwater, friend, confidant, and dance review partner, and repeatedly expounded upon his knowledge, service and abilites. I for one hope that he knows that even though I do not call him Sir, at his own request, I feel that in my heart.
Exrex Somme said…
On the other hand, I will just continue to call him "Hey You" like I always do :-)

I have found that "Oh! My favourite Librarian!" also works just fine :D
Edward Pearse said…
While the usage of the style of address "Sir" (or "Dame" for that matter) for a knight is certainly more common, it is not unusual for some orders of knighthood to forgo the use of a style of address. On other occasions it is specifically prohibited in the way the knighthood is received. Astute readers may be aware that knighthoods granted by the British Crown to foreign nationals are honorary titles and do not allow for the recipient to title themselves Sir.

As for Mr. Drinkwater's case I will (mostly) adhere to his wishes. :-)
JJ Drinkwater said…
The Named Person (that's a cataloger joke) considers himself lucky that the esteemed Colonel will confine himself to "Hey You", and omit the use of such rarefied Military honorifics as "&%$#@!!" and "@¶∞¢£¶∞!!"