Girls' Night Out

Sometimes life for a Duchess can be quite tedious and, well, boring! I fondly remember my carefree, silly days of exploring the Grid...which are long gone now with all of my responsibilities. However..once in a silly streak comes roaring out - which is just what happened last Thursday night.

I was speaking to my dear friend, Lady Christine Pearse, when we decided it was time for a proper "Girls' Night Out". What initially started as a planned trip to go dancing quickly devolved into us trying on our sexiest silks...which then led to the bright idea of heading up to The Falling Anvil in said silks.

Beware ladies...this is what happens when your Second Life becomes all work and no snap...and show up at The Falling Anvil in next to nothing....

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Hotspur O'Toole said…
Right around the corner from Polymath, should you feel the chill in those diaphonous getups and need to warm your toes at the fire... :-D