Caledonians always seem to be on the same wavelength! I have been planning on posting about this topic for several days, and then, boom, today it comes up in Main Caledon chat! :-)

I would like to organize a RL Caledon meetup during the summer of 2008. How many of you would be interested in that? Obviously, it will be very, very difficult to pick a location as we are spread throughout the globe. But, if we start planning now, people can start saving their pennies for travel expenses now.

My proposed location as of this writing? Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Take a look: I will definitely DJ a dance at least one night, and I am also looking at an English Country Dancing activity.

So let me know in the comments? Are you game?

The Nightingale


Mitsu Figaro said…
oh gods. I would love to do that. hehe. i wonder if i could get the train from sarnia to there though. *thinks* Cause the first bit of the drive is easy, the hard part is the money for said train and lodgings. But ye gods would it be fun. Stratford, Ontario is great. I love that place. ^_^
Wow! Now that would be great fun! I will start socking some of those USDs away just in case. :-)

My human likes to organize and party just as much as I do....shocker!

Will have to take some English Country Dancing lessons, though.
I'm game! I'll have vacation days by then!
I would certainly be interested in attending something like that, but it would greatly depend on the length of the event as I am really hoping to visit my family overseas as well; and I'd also have to leave my no-sl-playing spouse at home as he'd be bored out of his brains!
Gabrielle Riel said…
I am thinking of a long weekend - Thursday through Sunday or Friday through Monday. 3 to 4 days should not be too expensive.
Edward Pearse said…
And it's in Canadia too. So very tempting....
Newbe Writer said…
Oooh, depending upon the time, I would be very interested. I've been meaning to visit the festival and would love to go with my wife. Of course, as I live but a hop, skip and a jump from there, the location is darn near perfect!
Zoe Connolly said…
The location is definitely doable for me, but I'm already taking time off for my inworld SL BloggerCon 2008.
Elrik Merlin said…
I'd love to attend a CaleCon in Stratford. Depending on the dates I can tie it in to visiting my in-laws in London and Toronto, ON. Later in the year, after end August, would suit me best due to vacation time availability, but not obligatory.