The Caledon Social Season - An Introduction

The Caledon Social Season is a cycle of balls, etiquette classes, teas and salons for all residents of Caledon. I encourage both residents and visitors to attend these events, as Caledon is well known for its friendly and open community! The Season will run from October until the end of February, with a break in December.

One component of a true Social Season is the introduction of young ladies (and in our case young gentlemen too) to the community at large. If you are interested in being a "Debutant(e)" this Season, please IM me or Her Grace, Eva Bellambi. You must also meet the following criteria to be a Deb:
  • You must have been a member of the Independent State of Caledon Group for at least 3 months
  • You must own land in Caledon
  • You must attend at least 3 of the etiquette classes during the Season
The Social Season Committee is currently working on putting together a schedule of events. If you would like to volunteer to assist by hosting a ball or tea, please IM Lady Christine McAllister-Pearse or Lady Amber Palowakski. If you would like to volunteer to assist by hosting a salon or teaching an etiquette class, please IM His Grace Otenth Paderborn or Lady Edwina Heron.

Also, if you are a Lady or Gentleman of good breeding, and you would like to serve as the "House Mother" or "House Father" to our class of young Debs, please IM me or Her Grace, Eva Bellambi.

Vivat Caledon!
The Nightingale


Your Grace,

I am glad you posted this. My vice-consul and I made note of your calendar entry on the Social Season meeting, but I was unavailable at the time set, and she could not determine the meeting's location.

This is very informative. We Europans are new to Caledon, but as consular officers we know how important it is to engage the local society. Grafin... Countess Christine has already kindly offered to help with our 'Consulate warming', but we would like to ensure it fits into your calendar smoothly.

May I have Frau Lowey attend you at some time convenient to you both, to discuss our event?

Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron
Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach
Kittiwick Town
Hotspur O'Toole said…
And if ye need a housefather to a gaggle of young debs, your grace, why, I'm the very man for it!
Northern View said…
Your Grace,
I am delighted at this announcement and echo the sentiment that we europeans must stay abreast of the current social scene. The Early Bird Social Club is such a venue and of course we have scheduled a Ball for October. My Auntie Soliel, would like to put herself forward as a housemother to Debs. She is aware that you have yet to meet her and she has told me that she will introduce herself this weekend if at all possible.
Auntie is my father's sister and I am her namesake. She is quite a stickler for presentation and manners and would therefore be a suitable chaperone. Of course, due to the limitations of SL this precludes myself from attendance at the same events, but I shall nevertheless, be behind the scenes working away.

Yours faithfully

Soliel Snook