Swooning on a Sunday

Last Sunday for "Gen X with Gabi", I played a show of music from the movies. A lovely crowd came out to dance the night away.

Gen Xers Boogie

I was able to use the *fabulous* new sound system that Mr. Angus Mesmer created for me!

Yours Truly at the Decks

There was also, shall we say...a little excitement in the mix?

I recently had the honor of being invited into a Group for "Compulsive Swooners". The Swooners are "unattached" ladies that can find themselves...overcome with emotion when they are in the presence of gentlemen that we have deemed "Swoon Worthy". These gentlemen are also "unattached", as it would be completely inappropriate to feel such overwhelming emotion for a gentleman in a committed relationship!

The first of the "Swoon Worthy" gentlemen to join the Group was Mr. Puck Goodliffe. I witnessed Lady Edwina Heron and Miss Eladrienne Laval fainting over him at my show at The Rock Factory two weeks ago. :-)

Miss Eugenia Burton had the honor of inviting the next of the "Swoon Worthy" to the ranks of the gentlemen, as she announced Mr. Turing Weyland (Fabulous Librarian of Caledon) during my show.

Miss Laval and I Feeling the Effects of Mr. Weyland's Presence

Then Miss Laval extended the invitation to Mr. Newbe Writer...

Miss Laval, Miss Burton, Lady Heron, Her Grace of Loch Avie and I Swoon over Mr. Writer

Keep your eyes and ears open! I have yet to extend a public invitation to a gentleman, as does my Cousin Eva. :-) More swooning, at an event near you!


Entirely too much fun! I'm sure the next two gents will be tickled to get their official invites! *laughs*