YOUR Favorite Gen X Song

I'm getting lazy. I've decided that I'm going to let my listeners create my playlist for Gen X with Gabrielle this week. :-)

I want to know what you consider your favorite Gen X song - and by Gen X, I mean a song released between 1980 - 1999. Leave a comment here, IM me in SL or email me at and tell me what your "favorite song" from that era is!

I will play all of your favorites at Gen X on Sunday night!


There's so many! But one that I think of offhand is Semi Charmed Kinda Life by Third Eye Blind.
I am afraid I do not have any musical preferences which meet your conditions, but my motivating spirit passes a message:

'Anything by the Police/Sting, and Synchronicity was a particularly good album.'


Burton Newall said…
I am partial to "Heart of Glass" and "My Baby", personally. Yes, yes, I liked those punk-pop groups with girl singers. What of it?