About the Caledon Events Calendar

I am the "steward" of the Caledon Events Calendar. Click here to view the Calendar, and take a look at everything occurring in the Independent State of Caledon!

If you ever need to add an event to the Calendar, please contact one of the following people:
  • Me - Gabrielle Riel
  • JJ Drinkwater
  • Eva Bellambi
  • Edward Pearse
  • Otenth Paderborn
  • Christine McAllister
  • Amber Palowakski
  • Oolon Sputnik
  • Soliel Snook
  • Edwina Heron

Also, please let me know if you would like to become a Contributor to the Calendar, and I will add you to the list above.

Every resident of Caledon has the right to schedule any event at any time on the Calendar. Other residents have the right to ask him/her to change their event, however he/she is not obligated to make the change.

Caledon is growing by leaps and bounds. Compare the amount of events on the Calendar this month to the amount of events we had in January. I believe we are entering a new era - we will have multiple events happening simultaneously, especially on weekends!

I welcome this new and exciting time, and I look forward to the variety of events that our residents have in store for all of us!