Barely Home, Then Gone Again!

I had not even been home a full day from my vacation in the country when I received a note from our dear Guvnah, Mr. Desmond Shang that he wanted to meet with me.

Desmond and I met for a lovely tea at the Guvnah's Mansion in Caledon VictoriaCity. It is so rare that he and I have the chance to simply sit down and talk, as both of us are so busy with Caledonian affairs!

The Guvnah has informed me that he is in need of my "Duchess skills" for some diplomatic missions to other Sims with which Caledon conducts trade and relations. I am thrilled to be of service to him and to Caledon! He has placed the premiere ship in our fleet, the HMS Venture, (which docks in Port Caledon) at my disposal for the journey.

It's a good thing that my maids can unpack, wash and repack at a breakneck pace! Before I knew it, I was watching the crew of the Venture load my bags into the hold of the ship.

On Board the Venture

Ready to Set Sail

I will be away on my mission for an undetermined amount of time, but I know it will be several weeks at the very least. The Venture will return to Caledon from time to time over the coming weeks, so you might see me about Caledon on occasion. However, I have temporarily relinquished my Estate Manager authority during this time. Please contact Her Grace, Eva Bellambi regarding the Social Season and any of the Radio Riel staff regarding Radio Riel events.

In the service of Caledon,

The Nightingale


Bon voyage, Your Grace! I know our foreign interests are in the best of hands.