Caledon History: New Year's Eve 2006

Here is a blast from the past - one year ago! This photo is courtesy of Lord Edward Pearse - he took it last New Year's Eve in Caledon. We had nothing planned officially for a New Year's Eve Celebration, but at the last minute (as was often the case back then) Shenlei Flasheart (the Duchess of Loch Avie at the time) and I decided to throw a party.

It was the first time that I had ever played contemporary music in Caledon, and was only the third gig I had ever done, after the Halloween and Christmas Balls. I remember the night for several reasons:
  • I was tasting 6 bottles of Champagne in RL...and I was feeling the effects
  • Edward Pearse IMd me and introduced himself, and we talked "DJ stuff and music"
  • Red Caliber IMd me and introduced himself, and we talked "DJ stuff and music"
  • My future boss at T1 Radio, Nuala Maracas, secretly came to hear me play without my knowledge because she wanted to hear if I was a good DJ
  • It was the first night that my "future" Cousin Eva and I worked it on the dance floor together

Front and center: Edward Pearse dances with Shenlei Flasheart, in the background from left: Roy Smashcan in the black suit, Kate Nicholas in the black dress, Eva Bellambi in the short red dress, me with long red hair in black and silver, ZenMondo Wormser and Virrginia Tombola dancing together - alas the rest of the crowd's names have been lost to time and failing memory

Oh what a difference a year makes! Happy New Year dear friends!

~ The Nightingale


Dear God! Was that ONLY last year?

Here's to a wonderful new year, cousin!

Emilly Orr said…
Oh, my, that *does* take me back. I had *just* met Edward and was still so awed at 'proper' Caledonian manners...I was still a scruffy little neko lass fresh off the train and working in Steelhead! :)

May 2008 be brighter, bigger and even more fun!
The identity of the brunette lady in the the purple dress to the left is sitting in the side of my brain, teasing, but refusing to come out.

My, how things have changed since then :-)