Happy New Year Sydney/Melbourne

We are celebrating 2008 all day long in Caledon Penzance at the Gaiety Theatre! This morning at 4:00AM SLT, the first Ball of the day went off without a hitch as the Aussie kicked up their heels. Hosts Miss Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect Magazine and Miss Persephone Gallindo of the Caledon Gaiety Company were with me as we kicked off our day long extravaganza.

Miss Saffia Widdershins and I Drink Champagne while Miss BlueRock Dimsum and Mr. Covax Noble (both winners of the costume contest!) Dance

The Gaiety: All Decked Out for the New Year!

The Dancers at the Ball

The Balloon Drop at Midnight

I Watch the Lights Above Penzance

Lord Edward Pearse presented the event and was ably assisted by Miss Emilly Orr.

Please stop by the Gaiety today at any time. Late 19th/Early 20th Century music is playing all day for dancing and listening enjoyment (http://music.radioriel.org). You can also visit the Silent Auction Pavilion that is just south of the Theatre to bid and donate to "Gardens of Hope". The silent auction will go all day and night, and we do have live auctions at 2:00pm SLT and 10:00pm SLT.