Share the Music, Gabrielle

One of the things that I appreciate most about my Second Life, is the way it has brought the most amazing people into my orbit. People that I would have never met if it were not for SL and Caledon. The best example of this is the group of people that have come together to form what is now Radio Riel.

I am constantly impressed and amazed by the professionals that work by my side. I do not know if it is public knowledge, but every single one of the Radio Riel presenters have either been RL club DJs or RL broadcasters. You may have seen me comment in chat at an event done by one of my presenters, "I love my DJs!!!!" I do - they blow me away on a regular basis. And the run of events that we had two weeks ago was a testament to their talent and dedication.

On Wednseday, November 28, Dia ROCKED the garden at Coughton Court with *real* metal. She researched and planned her playlist based on the actual subgenres within the metal genre. The crowd loved it, and I was so impressed with how she layered the music. Simply amazing!

The next night, Mitsu *finally* was able to hold her Tsuki-mi Matsuri event with Touma Yoshikawa. The music was fabulous, and Mitsu knocked my socks off completely with her charming and informative commentary! It was fun, and a great learning experience for all of the people that attended.

Friday, November 30 saw Edward handling the St. Andrews Day dance in Loch Avie. I simply *adore* the way Edward can create stunning juxtapositions of traditional and contemporary music. The crowd danced the night away gleefully, but "Gabi the music geek" just reveled in Edward's playlist.

Saturday, December 1, crowned my appreciation for the staff of Radio Riel. I was scheduled to present the Court of Kintyre Ball that evening, but unfortunately I was unable to keep this commitment due to a RL one when the Duchess of Kintyre requested a time change to an earlier time to accomodate, most graciously, the residents of Caledon on GMT and European time. Dia stepped right into my place - it was so comforting knowing that she was there to provide the quality that everyone can expect from Radio Riel. It made the fact that I had to pass the stream to Dia from the gig I was doing, and then hurriedly log out and run to the holiday party for my three year old son so much easier to bear!

This general feeling of "thankfulness" I am feeling towards my amazing colleagues at Radio Riel is partially due to the fact that a dear, lifelong family friend of mine was tragically killed in a car accident about 10 days ago. Kathy was only 37, and 8 months pregnant with her first child. Miraculously, the doctors were able to save her daughter, Isabel Katherine. The baby is doing well, and she is going to be just fine...with the exception of the fact that she will never know her mother in person.

Kathy was beautiful, talented and artistic. As children, our play focused soley on "putting on shows" (shocking, isn't it? :-) ) She eventually became a stage actress in New York City. As I sat in her funeral service last Friday, with tears streaming down my cheeks, the memories of music, theater and dance in our childhood flooded me. Kathy's sister Karen stood in front of the packed church and sang her heart out for her sister. The energy of the moment overtook my senses, and I could feel Kathy whisper to me: "Share the music, Gabrielle."

Kathy - my dear friend and member of the family of my soul - I will.

Kathy - October 10, 1970 - November 29, 2007


  May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
  Remember me, O Lord, when you come
  into your kingdom.
  Give rest, O Lord, to your handmaid
  who has fallen asleep.
  The Choir of Saints have found the
  well-spring of life and door of paradise.
  Life: a shadow and a dream.
  Weeping at the grave creates the song:
  Come, enjoy rewards and crowns
  I have prepared for you.

"Song for Athene" (1994)
John Tavener (1944-)
*hugs her cousin and friend*

Truly a beautiful post of thanksgiving, Gabrielle.

Reading your words and the words of one of my favorite pieces of choral music simply brought tears to my eyes (thank you, too, Kate).

Anonymous said…
I am so very sorry for your loss.

L. Beaumont
Gabi said…
Thank you all ladies!
Madame, my condolences have been given in private, therefore I am replying as I stop for a moment to reflect to your praises to myself; I can only tell you that you ought to know what you got yourself into by opening the RR door to me ;)

DG, Stealth DJ.
We love you too Gabi...*hugs*
Zoe Connolly said…
**gives you a hug**

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss, Your Grace.
Neb said…
So sorry to hear about your loss! My heart goes out to her husband and other family and friends. Amazing that they saved the baby: yay! She's a very special Christmas baby.

Yours ever,

Nabila N Peterman