The Caledon Library Benefactors

I would like to inform the residents of Caledon about a new Group that I have established, and I hope that you will join me in my effort. I know that you support the Independent State of Caledon, and that you recognize the role that the Caledon Library has played in our community. I personally feel that it is the one of the, if not the most, key components that make up Caledon's community "foundation".

We all recognize the amazing work that the staff of the Library has done for Caledon....but I don't know if Caledonians *truly* understand the time, effort and resources that go into it. Very few people, other than the Library Staff, and a small group of "outsiders" REALLY get it - get what it truly takes to make our Library "happen".

It's time for us to give back to the Library, in the form of financial support. Mr. Drinkwater has established an avatar (Provost Weatherwax) solely for processing donations so he can post the donations received by the Library publicly, while also keeping the actual names of the donors private. I encourage you to donate directly to the Library by paying whatever you are able to the Weatherwax account.

This is something that *I* am choosing to do as a resident of the Independent State of Caledon. I have created a group called "Caledon Library Benefactors". This is a community group, with open enrollment, administered by me and other community members NOT by Library staff. Also, please understand that the point of giving is to simply GIVE and let the Library staff determine how to best apply costs. Giving money to the Library does not mean that anyone has the right to dictate how it is run.

I would also like to establish regular fundraising activities on behalf of the Library - ways to encourage more active and steady donations from residents, so that the Library has *some* form of income to at least cover tier costs. I welcome any assistance that you would be willing to give, financial or otherwise. The Library is ours, and it's time to give back. Search on "Caledon Library Benefactors" and Join.

Thank you for helping keep Caledon strong and vibrant.



JJ Drinkwater said…
Your Grace, I am still too flabbergasted by the generosity of support you show to do much besides gape in wonder! The Caledon Library is deeply sensible of the debt it owes to you and the other munificent souls of the Benefactors group. To serve Caledon is our delight and our privilege, and to find that our efforts are so valued by our community is heartening beyond my wit to express it.

Your Grace's servant, and Caledon's

JJ Drinkwater
Elrik Merlin said…
When I heard about the Benefactors Group I was immediately interested, and cannot recommend this idea highly enough.

The Caledon Library is one of our Great Institutions, and all those interested in the advancement of Learning and Culture will, I hope, join you in this excellent venture.

In addition, great things are happening in the Libraries of our worlds, with new developments going on all the time to help Libraries around the World take advantage of the latest Information Tecknowledgy. Our contributions to the Caledon Library can no doubt assist in ensuring that our Library remains at the forefront of these developments.

I remain, your humble servant,
Elrik, Laird Brideswell.
JJ Drinkwater said…
Hear hear, my lord! A strange new world, this, that has such creatures, devices, widgets, gizmos, functionalities and affordances in it!