A Larger Nest...

In July of 2007, I took a page from my Cousin Eva's book and decided to create a more formal "Court" and established my chivalric order, The Order of the Nightingale (L'ordre du Rossignol). Here is what I stated about my Court at that time:

From Wikipedia: "Nightingales are named so because they frequently sing at night as well as during the day. The name has been used for well over 1,000 years, being highly recognizable even in its Anglo-Saxon form - 'nihtingale'. It means 'night songstress'."

I use three main criteria when I ask someone to be a part of my Court:
  • Proven and consistent service to the Independent State of Caledon
  • Proven and consistent service to the Duchy of Carntaigh
  • Proven and loyal friendship to me, the Duchess of Carntaigh, personally

I do not require formal vows of fealty from the members of my Court. I feel that their actions have already spoken for them. My Court is a way that I can acknowledge outstanding citizens, more of an award on behalf of myself and my small part of Caledon.

One thing to note about how Courts are developing in Caledon: the State and the Duchys do have members that overlap eachother's Courts. Therefore someone can be a member of my Court, as well as my Cousin Eva's.

I have selected my Knights on the criteria above, with the added component of "protection". These are men that I know will "fight" for me - and when I say fight, I mean that literally or figuratively depending on the Knight himself. Everyone has their own feelings regarding violence, and I respect my Knights' individual opinions on the subject.

There are a few of my Knights that I know would physically protect me during a RP scenario, and that would serve as Champions on my behalf. There are others that would choose to "protect" me by speaking up for me in certain situations. I see both of these methods of "protection" as equally valid.


Today, on the second anniversary of my rezzing into Second Life, I would like to announce the following additions to the Court of Carntaigh:

  • Lady Diamanda Gustafson joins the ranks of the Carntaigh Courtiers
  • Sir Roberto Viking joins the Knights of the Order of the Nightingale
  • Lady Edwina Heron becomes The Countess of Swoonsbury
Dia, Eds and Rob - thank you my dear friends! For everything you have done for Caledon, for Carntaigh and for me.

The Nightingale