I woke in the middle of the night. The moonlight streaming through the window into my new room. I was startled for a moment when I did not recognize my surroundings. Then I relaxed. "I am still not used to sleeping here in Coughton Court.", I said to myself.

I looked around the room, this spacious and elegant room in the Penthouse that Mr. Viking built me in the top tower of Coughton Court. So different from my room in my cottage in Caledon Cay. I will miss living in Cay, as it was my home for a year and a half...but I am also thrilled to be finally living in my family's manor permanently.

I stretched on the bed, sighing. "It's time. The moon is full." I quietly slipped from my bed and dressed in my gown that I had left sitting beside the bed...waiting for me...for this moment. I stole downstairs in the darkness, through the foyer and out of the massive doors into the garden of Coughton Court.

I approached the altar, which is currently surrounded by Spring flowers - the flowers of the renewal of life.

I seated myself. Breathing slowly, I let the music of the earth and the stars into my heart. I began to speak...

Hear me Knights of Carntaigh past, Knights of the ancient law.
Hear me dead Knights of an English tongue.

Hear me Knights lost in battle, whose blade did good.
Hear me Knights of old, hear me Knights of lost souls.

This night I invoke thee.
I summon thee to my arms aid.

Hear me Knights, a new cause be given.
Your body gone now spirit be.

Hear me dead Knights I invoke thee.
By your spirit blade I invoke you.

By your might I invoke you.
By your spirit I invoke you.

Come now, follow a new cause, I summon thee.
Each of thee I enlist.

I invoke you dead Knights lost.
Hear me and come to my aid.

Hear me and fight at my side.
Protect me and those I love from spirits' harm.

Fight our battles I say to thee.
Hear me spirits of Knights of Carntaigh, come to my aid, come to my side.

Protect me and those I love from spirits' harm.
Protect me and those I love from spirits dark.

I invoke you. I invoke you.
I invoke you. I invoke you.

I invoke you.
Let my army be done.

Let it be.
Let it be.

Hail fair moon, Ruler of the night; Guard me and mine, Until the light

~ The Nightingale