CaleCon Deadlines

Good Gentles of Caledon, here is the update on our RL gathering aka CaleCon. CaleCon is a participant-created weekend with banquet, dance, Shakespeare Festival and workshops happening on August 29 – September 1, 2008, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. You are welcome to dress up, either in dressy or costume attire for the banquet, however neither is required.

Please go to our official aetheric location, for more detailed information and to register. Deadlines for CaleCon are as follows:

* Registration deadline = Friday , July 18
* Stone Willow Inn reservation deadline = Friday, July 25

Questions? Contact Gabrielle Riel, Eva Bellambi or Otenth Paderborn for more information.


Neb said…
I think this is a fabulous idea, and you all are fabulous for organizing it! Hopefully it will be a success and repeated next year (when I can hopefully afford to attend)!

Yours etc.,

N Nadir Peterman