Saint Kitt Islands Are Safe!

I was busily working in my office in the Penthouse of Coughton Court, when my maid, Shauni, knocked on the door. "Yes?", I called. "Your Grace", Shauni said, "A messenger from the Guvnah has just arrived." She approached me at my desk, and handed the envelope to me. "Thank you Shauni", I said, and Shauni curtsied and left. I pulled my focus away from the pile of Radio Riel schedules on my desk and opened the note. Hmm! Interesting. Des wanted to meet with me immediately.

An hour later I was sitting opposite the Guvnah in his office in the Guvnah's Mansion. His desk was completely buried in stacks and stacks of papers. My goodness! And I thought *my* desk was in rough shape. "Gabi! Thank you for coming! I have great news!" Des gestured wildly with his hands to emphasize the point, and in the process knocked an entire stack of papers off his desk.

He continued, "It's official! Saint Kitt Islands have been declared geologically safe!" I blinked. "Oh...really? Wow..." I thought back to the last time I had been to the Saint Kitt Islands, about a month ago and recalled the smoke curling from the crater of the volcano and the occasional tremors that knocked my tea set over. "How do you know this Desmond?", I asked, "Did the Royal Society finish their survey and determine all is well?"

"'s summer and I did not want to put a lot of pressure on Lady Kate to finish it, so I engaged an independent firm to do a report for me.", he gestured to the pile of papers on the floor, "It's in there somewhere, but I can give you the summary: Saint Kitt Islands are safe and sound. So, ever planned a beach party before?"

"Well, yes...but...independent report?", I queried. Des' conversation was moving way too fast for me, as usual. "Oh excellent firm...a Messrs Trinitro and Toluene?", he said. "They did a great fast! Anyway, you have any Beach Boys in your music library? Let's have a nice shindig so that the people of Caledon can have a great time on the beach!" I nodded, "Ok, I will get right on are sure it's safe?"

"Absolutely!", Des proclaimed jovially. I smiled. Well, I knew that Desmond always had the interest and safety of his residents in the foremost of his mind. If Des says it's must be ok! Our conversation turned to the logistics of the beach party, with me carefully steering Des away from any tacky decorating suggestions. After an hour of planning, I left the Guvnah's Mansion and looked down at the draft of the party invitation in my hand. It read:

People of Caledon
Guvnah Desmond Shang is proud to announce
that Saint Kitt Islands are officially safe
To celebrate, Guvnah Shang
cordially invites you to
a Beach Party on Saint Kitt Islands
Monday, August 18 at 1:00pm SLT
Attire: Beachwear, Victorian or Modern


Dear Gabi,

The tiki bar is at your disposal.

how exciting! no better person to plan it, Your Grace! so Gabi... victorian swimwear or modern bikini??? always the most impt. question...what to wear! cheers, gorgeous!
~Capt. Red
Azul said…
The Dragon shakes the cinders off her wings as she settles down ...

"Safe? It's always safe for me, but you soft-skins?"

ponders a bit and says helpfully

"I've always liked popcorn..."
Anonymous said…
Ooh, now this is truly exciting. Are mermaids welcome?
~Miss Lala Pennell
Azul said…
I just spoke with my cold-blooded subterranean relatives...according to them the weather is returning to normal
Hotspur O'Toole said…
How ironic this post seems, now...