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Sunday night was the Second Annual Tsuki Mi Matsuri (Japanese Moon Viewing Festival) in Caledon Carntaigh. The festival last year impressed me so much that I decided to create a truly "proper" venue for it this year. I turned Euterpe (the small island in Carntaigh, usually barren) into a Japanese garden and shrine for the evening.

The moon shone brightly over Carntaigh, leaving a path on the water as Mitsu Figaro played over three hours of traditional and contemporary Japanese music for the guests, who included the entire Europan Consulate, a good portion of the population of Steelhead and Otenth Paderborn and Emilly Orr from Radio Riel.

A nice group assembled to celebrate

Mitsu and her able "student" Touma Yoshikawa provided interesting commentary and tidbits about the music throughout the evening. It was a simply brilliant event, one that makes me so grateful for the people that I work with at Radio Riel.

Thank you Mitsu and Touma! Thank you to all of you that attended!

Mitsu and I move to the music

Dancing by the light of the moon,

The Nightingale