Stops on The Grand Tour

I am committed to attend as many of The Grand Tour Balls today as I can. And I am going to attempt to take some pictures as I travel the 19th Century/Victorian/Steampunk Sims today!

Stop #2 on the Tour - New Toulouse

I had the great pleasure of providing the Jazz and Zydeco this morning at Mr. Woodget's family home, La Maison Du Bois.

Here I am doing The Charleston with Herr Szondi the Jager. Lady Kira Kelley jigs as Fogwoman Gray and Herr Baron Klaus Wulfenbach Charleston as well.

Later I had the pleasure of dancing with Ambassador Galactic Baroque.

For the New Toulouse dance I wore Eladrienne Laval's "Irene - Night" gown and Zasa Rossini's "Bibe" shoes in black.

Stop #3 on the Tour - Wyre, Orcadia

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you...that is the Jarl of Orcadia/Duke of Murdann and the Duchess of Carntaigh in denim and cowboy boots.

The crowd dances on the dance platform to Otenth's yodel music.

Yes, that *is* me looking like I just came from a Country Line Dancing class. ;-)

This is the Nightingale, over and out for now!


Sehr gut - I completely neglected to take snaps from Orcadia, and you cover it nicely.