Turn, Turn, Turn

Due to the changes in policy and prices of Open Space Sims in Second Life, I am forced to make some changes as well.

I have lived in, and cared for, my Open Space Sim for two years. It rezzed on December 6, 2006. I never expected, in my wildest dreams, for it to become what it did. These two years have been wonderful. I thank all of you for sharing them with me.

I am going to be consolidating into a full Sim with 3 other "former" Open Space Sim renters. I do not yet know who my neighbors will be, but I have requested that The Guvnah change the Sim name when we consolidate. The full Sim will sit where Carntaigh does, as it provides a vital link in the Caledon Railway System.

Therefore, Caledon Carntaigh will soon cease to be. I do not know the timeline yet. Because of this, I have chosen to change the name of my blog here to "Songs from The Nightingale". If you have links or references to this blog, please update them accordingly.

I can not even express how difficult this time has been. My grief is profound, and I know that several others feel the same way. I have always tried to be strong for Caledon, to show you all that I am here for you as a friend, an advocate, a teacher, an entertainer and a leader. I know that I have not been my usual steady self of late due to this Open Space Sim situation. Duchesses *do* cry...I can attest to that this week.

But....I do have faith. We will get through this. Caledon is strong. Caledon is magic. It will most definitely be a different Caledon when the changes complete, but to everything there is a season my dears. And I know for a fact that Caledon will be just as wonderful and magical when we are a few Sims, and a slew of Dukes and Duchesses, less.

Now, let's look to the future. I have exciting plans for a renovation of Coughton Court so that it will fit on my future parcel. We will all dance in its ballroom again...together!



Elrik Merlin said…
Although I would need to see the numbers first to confirm, I would be interested in principle to consider taking 1/4 of a full region with you. Please contact me to discuss it if you wish to progress the idea. As I may have noted, I had already sent a notecard to Des suggesting that I might be interested in a 1/4 full sim, though I have not heard back from him at this point.

Together we can work this!

Your most obedient servant,
1-2 SW Wellsian, Caledon
Abigail said…
Your Grace,

I am saddened to learn that Carntaigh will soon cease to exist. At same time I am glad that you have found a way to keep Coughton Court.

I agree, Caledon will probably never be the same again. I do not doubt that Caledon's community is strong enough to weather this storm.


Dame Bauerhoff
Abigail Raymaker-Palowakski
This may prove to be a blessing in disguise, since it will force many to consider alternatives to The-Lab-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and prompt some to try to create new alternatives.

I am glad that Coughton Court will survive these earthquakes.

Your servant,

Excalibur Longstaff
Azul said…
Irrespective of the changes in location and dynamics, we will still share the journey. I look forward to a new Caledon Carntaigh (insert request for a Dragon-sized cave/dungeon here) with you dear one.
In the end we will survive. LL may persecute us, but the Spirit of Caledon will never die! We may change, evolve, even perhaps seek better pastures, if such must be the case. But that which is the essence of Caledon will live on! So many people have caught on to the dream, and will not let go! No, not ever! You are loved! Goddess and God bless!

AmberLyssa Marie Raymaker-Palowakski