The Realm of the Roses Holiday Balls

Dear Residents of the Realm of the Roses and Friends of Wintefell, Lovelace, Caledon, Atlantis and Zeppelinheim,

I am formally extending this invitation to you to the Realm of the Roses Holiday Balls, today, Mon, Dec 22.

This is my personal gift to residents and friends of the Realm. I do not send out holiday cards, however I do wish to give the gift of music and fellowship to the residents of the 19th Century grid.

The first Ball is from 12-2pm SLT in Magellan for guests on the east side of the Atlantic

The second Ball is from 7-9pm SLT in Caledon Loch Avie for guests on the west side of the Atlantic

This is a formal ball; formal, military or diplomatic attire please.

I wish you all a joyous Season.

Lady Gabrielle Riel
The Duchess of Carntaigh