The Bigger Picture

Two blog posts in one day - have I *ever* done this before? ;-)

Today I feel I need to. I feel like my previous post did not fully give the bigger picture...MY bigger picture.

Before I get to that...I am going to take you on a trip back in time to post I made over a year ago, here in this Blog. Read it - it actually is quite pertinent now:

I still believe what I wrote back then. And I am still sad and frustrated with the rude, pointless, vulgar things that roll across ISC chat. Yes, it *is* possible to believe in the power of Caledon and to be incredibly turned off by a portion of it. ;-) Otenth made a great post with a fabulous Venn diagram I really think the diagram says it all!

Every resident of Caledon has lived their SL in Caledon through their own filter. According to their own tastes, focusing on their preferred activities. Every one of us has contributed to what Caledon "is". But humans are self centered creatures...we tend to only understand our own perspective, and to overlook others' perspectives.

So, I would like to pull the camera back quite a bit on me. I want to explain my bigger picture. I have been remiss in this I think. I have been so busy with Radio Riel and starting my own sim that I have neglected to let people know the latest news in both of those ventures. I stated in my previous post that some of the reasons I am leaving are practical and logistical. These reasons come into play with both Radio Riel, and my own community, Edison.

If you have not noticed...I love music. :-) And I love being a Broadcaster. I also like being a DJ - and being a DJ and a Broadcaster are NOT the same thing. Radio Riel still provides Presenters (DJs) for events, which is how I think most people see us. But we also broadcast music on our Main Stream 24/7. We have been doing that for almost a year and a half, thanks to Elrik Merlin helping us get off the ground and into the groove of daily programming with the addition of his massive music library and his dedication to running the Main Stream by *himself*, 24/7, M - F. Now all of the Radio Riel Presenters are running the Main Stream.

My goal in 2008 was to expand our "independent programming" and Edward Pearse, Soliel Snook and Reghan Straaf helped make that happen with their shows. The Radio Riel Players helped make that happen with their amazing performances. The Caledon Library helped provide us with their Books of the Month - most of which I was able to find public domain recordings for. With the help of Fuschia Begonia, Nix Sands, Edward Pearse and Otenth Paderborn, we achieved a dream of mine that I have had for three years...a Podcast! I don't think I have even *mentioned* the Podcast here! Bad Gabi! You can learn all about it at: .

I was able to broadcast an American Library Association conference and my first *real* live interview, with Dr. Tom Boellstorff, the author of "Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human". I broadcast a three week series on Ray Bradbury last October...and the list goes on.

2009 is looking even more exciting for Radio Riel as our independent programming expands and expands! Otenth Paderborn is starting a new live World Music show on Wednesday nights. Jenaia Morane, Storyteller and founder of the Virtual World Story Project, and I will be launching a live program (that I will also convert into a Podcast) called "I Avatar: Stories from the Virtual Edge", where we explore the stories of the many amazing Avatars in SL and how being in SL has affected their actual lives. And The Radio Riel Players will be back in action! Saffia Widdershins is currenty working on the script for their next radio play...Pride and Prejudice! I expect 2009 to be a lot like 2008, in that opportunities to be Broadcasters are going to continue to fall in our lap and grow exponentially.

Radio Riel is not just a group of Presenters (DJs) that play at parties and dances. While we *love* doing that, we are ultimately Broadcasters. We are Second Life Media.

Then the surprise that rocked my own sim. I had dreamed of creating a small community that had Radio Riel at its heart for at least a year. At the beginning of 2008, my goal was to have a sim for RR by fourth quarter. Well, I did not think it was going to happen, and then along came my friend (and Radio Riel Benefactress) Hypatia Dejavu. Hyp is the Estate Owner for a community called The Archipelago. When the Open Sim disaster hit the scene, I was in a quandry as to what to do. I talked about the entire situation with many of my friends, and Hyp said: "You know I am really overloaded owning 3 sims...would you like to buy one?"

I was stunned. The idea of putting the money that I was putting into Carntaigh into a FULL sim of my own had never crossed my mind. It was the perfect storm - Hyp needed to scale back and I needed to figure out how to redefine my SL *without* Carntaigh. All of a sudden the answer was right in front of me. And I had the resources I needed to make it happen. I had unexpectedly achieved my goal of having a sim of my own, and to start the Radio Riel community by the fourth quarter of 2008!

The sim officially became mine on November 23, and I have spent all of my time not working on Radio Riel, working on the sim. I have to say that this is where my two years of experience as a Caledon Estate Manager has *really* paid off. I had had a few tenants in Carntaigh over the years, Kami taught me excellent EM skills, I taught myself how to terraform, I learned how to quickly and easily remove Griefers in under 10 seconds. :-)

These things and more prepared me SO well for being an Estate Owner! Oh I have had questions - thank you Charlene Trudeau and Serra Anansi for being so helpful and putting up with my n00b Estate Owner questions! As heartbreaking as it has been to lose Carntaigh, I can see that this was all meant to be. I would not have my own sim now if it were not due to the Open Sim Disaster and the fallout thereafter!

So...does knowing all of that help explain a *little* bit why I need to free up my schedule?
;-) As I said in my previous post, I averaged 10 hours a week on Caledon related "work", every week...for the last two years. It's time for me to take those 10 hours and spread them out over RR and Edison. I love Caledon, but Internet Radio is my dream and my passion. And Edison supports that dream. I will NEVER be a "big land baron". I am in SL because of Radio Riel...not to be a land baron. I happily supported Caledon and its residents for years, and that same sense of responsbility is what I feel now to towards the people who live in Edison. They deserve the best I can give them. It was time to be realistic. There have been MANY times in SL when I have bitten off wayyy more than I can chew in terms of projects and I have learned that sometimes I just have to say "no".

To those of you that *think* you know "why Gabrielle Riel is leaving Caledon", I say: pull your camera out. Look at the big picture. My guess is that the people who think they know my reasons have never worked with me on a project, nor been a client of mine. I will let my two years, thousand hours and dedication to excellence speak for themselves. And if you don't see those things, or the value in those things? You know nothing about me nor what I do, therefore any conclusions you draw? Are meaningless.

And has this been easy? Heh...ask my close friends. I have grieved so deeply...and I am not the only one grieving.

Communities are constantly changing organisms. Please refer back to my post from October 2007! But at the same time...does change mean rudeness? Vulgarity? Self-centeredness? Pompousness? Seeing that these traits are becoming the rule, and not the exception, breaks my heart. And these behaviors are not showing only in the ISC chat. They are kind of a pervasive, common way of acting in Caledon now. I can say this because I attend as many events as I do! I watch the interactions. I listen to how people speak to each other.

*smiles to herself* And now, totally contradicting myself about not biting off more than I can chew, I am willing to provide support to those of you that see this as an opportunity to provide some more formal education and training to new residents. By support I mean acting as a sounding board, reviewing documents, acting as a resource for questions on the history of things in Caledon. I am NOT going to do the "typical Gabi thing" and step up and make this all happen. It's time to pass the torch on that. :-)

And there, dear Gabrielle Riel's big picture.

~ The Nightingale


Azul said…
*snifs* You'll still be biting off more than you can chew love, just in a different place. *smiles* You simply can't help it, my dear Nightingale.
Frau Prim Minister,

I would invite you to respond to this question, but you have already done so much more thoroughly than a mere journal reply would allow.