Miss Riel Goes to Washington...and Philadelphia!

Do you live in the metropolitan areas of Washington, DC or Philadelphia, PA? I am planning 2 "actual life", casual lunch meetups for those of us that live on the 19th Century grid, or in the Realm of the Roses. As long as my health and the weather remain stable, I will be hosting the following events:
  • Lunch at The Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton, MD (http://royalmilepub.com/) from 1-4pm EST on Saturday, January 24
  • Lunch at a location TBD (possibly Lancaster, PA) from 1-4pm EST on Saturday, February 7
We already have several people in both locations that plan to attend, so please contact me at gabrielle.riel@gmail.com, or via notecard in SL, if you are interested in joining us!


Forelle Broek said…
This is a reason to regret I no longer live in Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love, as I used to say, if the brothers are Cain & Abel). But for a venue, I'd recommend my former "local", The Royal Tavern (in the Bella Vista neighborhood) -- both because the name is suitable to the anticipated crowd, and because the food and beer are (or at least were when I frequented the place) very nice.
Eva Bellambi said…
I am working to find a suitable location somewhere between Philadelphia and Harrisburg so that no one has to drive terribly far. I found The Whip Tavern in Coatsville, PA. It looks quite promising. (No comments on the name please.) We'll let you know for sure, once Gabi and I get through the possibilities. :-D