How Much Can You Take Before You Snap...?

This stunning machinima "AWOL", was created by Lyric Lundquist. She says that Bettina's post on "SL is Killing Me" perfectly explains what she is portraying here.

Amazing. Brilliant. Evocative. What a talent!

And it makes me feel like I am not alone.

And it makes me cry for Lapin Paris, one of the 19th Century Grid's shining lights, who left SL after it all became too much for her. Lapin was the Captain for RFL Team Caledon 2007, a wonderful person, a cancer survivor and a Lady in my Court of Caledon Carntaigh.

We miss you Lapin. The 19th Century Grid has a hole in it without you.



Serra Anansi said…
I hear ya! And no, you are not alone. Same boat, same feelings, same ugg.
I really miss Lapin very much too.

I feel like that a lot as well. I'm often surprised by how "tired" or disillusioned I feel and have a general sense of "Why am I bothering?"