Help for a Friend

I am posting a link here to Miss Serra's Blog.

I applaud her efforts to help Dr. Darien Mason. Please consider adding your voice to the letter writing campaign.

Note: Miss Rhianon Jameson, who has a Basic account, has mentioned that she submitted a ticket but she received an automated reply that topics were limited for "Basic" acct holders & hers would be ignored. :-(

Here is my note to Linden Lab:

Hello, I am writing to appeal the permanent banning of the Avatar Darien Mason from Second Life.

Mr. Mason acknowledges that he did break TSO, albeit without knowledge or malice. He did make a mistake with his actions, and he takes responsibility for that.

That said, his removal from Second Life is a loss for the sims that comprise "The 19th Century Grid", such as Caledon, Winterfell, New Babbage, Steelhead, Steeltopia, Edison and New Toulouse etc.

I ask that you reconsider his case and allow the single Avatar of Darien Mason to return to Second Life.

Thank you - Gabrielle Riel


Darien Mason said…
Thank you for speaking up on my behalf, Madam Prim Minister!
Serra Anansi said…
Thank you Miss Gabi, your support is greatly appreciated! *hugs*