Breakfast in Babbage!

On Saturday morning, Edward started his new monthly show at The Clarendon in New Babbage..."Breakfast in Babbage". This show was inspired by the Clockwinder's Rezday Party in May, which we had scheduled in the morning SLT as it is actually Edward's Saturday night in Australia! Poor Edward has been playing gigs for over 2 years at 10 o'clock in the morning his time. :-) We were so pleased with how the Clockwinder's rezday had gone, we decided to make a monthly event out of it, and to give Edward an opportunity and a venue to play his *crazy* music.

Of course there were several Weird Al tracks in the playlist. Other tracks that caused a stir: Leonard Nimmoy's "Bilbo Baggins" and the Red Army Chorus singing "Down Under". :-) A great crowd came out to dance the morning you can see by the pictures below.

The crowd gathers for 2 hours of weird, wild and wacky music on Radio Riel Steampunk

Elleon Bergamesco, Doc Wrangler and Wildstar Beaumont having breakfast in Babbage

Serafina Puchkina works it Marilyn Monroe style & Tehranu Marenwolf is ready for bed in her PJs!

The Clockwinder finally has a dance partner! He and Fuschia Begonia trip the light fantastic as Searra Weatherwax boogies next to them

Edward and I dance in the foreground as Dracona Lisle and Elleon Bergamesco take care of the other side of the dance floor

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this a Breakfast to remember!