O-bon Matsuri

During the year, Mitsu and Touma and I host traditional Japanese holiday events. In the Spring, it's the Hana Mi Matsuri. In the Fall, it's the Tsuki Mi Matsuri. And this year, I am thrilled that we have added the O-bon Matsuri to the schedule!

O-bon is the Japanese Buddhist holiday to honor the departed spirits of one's ancestors. It takes place in July or August, depending on if your community follows the lunar calendar or the Gregorian calendar. It features dancing, and if the festival is near water, people float Japanese lanterns on it in honor of their ancestors.

Last evening, we gathered in Edison Hypatia and danced to Mitsu's fabulous mix of traditional and contemporary Japanese music. And thanks to Frau Annechen Lowey, we had wonderful Japanese dances!

Many people requested that Mitsu post her playlist from the evening for further perusal. Here it is on the Radio Riel Blog: http://radioriel.blogspot.com/2009/07/o-bon-music-playlist.html

Celebrants gather to dance at the Temple in the Clouds in Edison Hypatia

We had a sizable crowd right from the start!

New Toulouse/Edison Librarian GallateaSu Beaumont and
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach greet each other in dance

From the left: Mitsu Figaro, Azul Draken, Annechen Lowey & Me

Kghia Gherardi & Kat Montpark

Night falls on the Temple in the Clouds

Japanese lanterns on the river and fireworks in the sky!

The sky dances as we watch from the boats and dock

For those who do not know, Edison Hypatia has rowboats and sailboats that guests can rez and use

A lovely photo of me that Perplexity Peccable took during the O-ban dance

Thank you everyone that joined us! Thank you Mitsu and Touma for another wonderful night to remember!