End of Summer Edison Land Deals

The summer is still high and hot, but before you know it, the air will take on a crispness, the trees will start to turn...and suddenly Fall will be here! My Estate, The Province of Edison, is based on the North American Upper Midwest and Ontario, Canada...and we follow the seasons as those regions do in the actual world. I'll soon be changing the trees to fall colors and full of apples!

If you enjoy the seasons as we do in The Province of Edison, and are interested in living in here, I am offering a special End of Summer Land Deal from today, Sunday, August 23rd until next Monday, August 31.

Typically I charge $12 L per sq. m. for parcel "rental rights" in all of my Estates. However, for the next week or so, you can move into an Edison parcel for $1 L. The only thing for which you will be responsible is the weekly tier. This also means that when you leave Edison, the parcel will revert directly back to me. The rental rights will NOT be yours to sell to someone else.

To learn more about life in The Province of Edison, please read our Covenant here: http://edison-sl.ning.com/page/the-edison-covenant

There are currently 3 parcels available in Edison, 2 of which could be combined if a resident desired a larger parcel.

Edison Hypatia #12
Size: 1536 sq. m. Double Prim
Prims: 702
Rental Rights: $1 L
Weekly Tier: $1050 L
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Edison%20Hypatia/203/118/30

Edison Hypatia #13
Size: 1536 sq. m. Double Prim
Prims: 702
Rental Rights: $1 L
Weekly Tier: $1050 L
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Edison%20Hypatia/227/163/23

#12 and #13 can be combined to create one 3072 sq. m. parcel.

Edison Hypatia #15
Size: 1024 sq. m. Double Prim
Prims: 468
Rental Rights: $1 L
Weekly Tier: $700 L
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Edison%20Hypatia/215/17/22

All three of these parcels are currently available. All you need to do to move in is to buy the parcel for $1 L and then pay the rental meter. That's it!

The builds and landscaping on the parcels are there for presentation purposes or for resident use. You can use the existing builds on the land, or return them and place your own build, PROVIDED that it complies with the Edison Covenant.

Questions? Please contact me at gabrielle.riel@gmail.com .

~ Gabrielle