Happy Anniversary My Dragon

My Dearest Dragon ~

One year ago today, in actual world time, we became Partners. In a small, lovely ceremony that you created straight out of your heart. One month later, we handfasted in the ceremony of my dreams...pomp, circumstance and a giant cathedral. (*grins* like I could do something small?)

A year. It seems, pardon the pun, unreal. We met two years ago as friends. A year and a half ago we became more than friends, but you were so busy with your work for your Doctorate, I was so busy doing the million things I do in SL... Do you remember our first discussion about expectations?

I told you, "I am looking for what I call my "Duke"...a Partner who will stand proudly at my side. Someone who will love The Duchess, and Caledon...and plain Gabi. I am also thrilled to have wonderful relationships along the way to that goal."

You looked down at me and said, "Which do you think I am dear?"

And I replied, "I do not know. I don't know you well enough yet."

I didn't know. Not then and not for many months after that. And during that time I kept looking for my elusive "Duke". And save the exception of one sweet and wonderful man, I kept making the same mistake over and over again by choosing men of a certain personality type and ending up with a broken heart. I can profile the Gabi Heartbreaker now: highly intelligent, a performer of some type, strong minded, funny, bad boy streak, confident to the point of cocky...and yet overconfident in thinking he could handle being with me. The Heartbreaker loved his fix on Gabi-Heroin...could not get enough...until it was too much. And then he would withdraw or disappear.

You stepped forward to help me make it through the aftermath of a vanishing Gabi Heartbreaker just over a year ago. And in doing so you gave me the opportunity to choose differently. To break the negative pattern. And it was good.

Then you stunned me by asking me to Partner. Just like Dorothy Gale, my heart's desire had been sitting right in my own back yard. The world turned upside down...or mayhap rightside up for the first time ever.

Azul's profile: highly intelligent, a typist who trained as a singer, strong minded, dryly and wryly funny, a wonderfully wicked streak, quietly confident, and very, very caring.

The Gabi Heartbreakers were very exciting and a lot of fun...but when it came down to it, all they cared for was themselves. I've said this before and I will say it again, you are one of the best people I have ever known...in any life. I was looking for "Duke"...but what I needed and what I found was My Dragon.

Thank you. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for understanding me. Thank you for putting up with my insane SL. Thank you for helping me find my truth. Thank you for loving me.

From the Nightingale to the Dragon

Because - Sara Teasdale

Oh, because you never tried
To bow my will or break my pride,
And nothing of the cave-man made
You want to keep me half afraid,
Nor ever with a conquering air
You thought to draw me unaware--
Take me, for I love you more
Than I ever loved before.

And since the body's maidenhood
Alone were neither rare nor good
Unless with it I gave to you
A spirit still untrammeled, too,
Take my dreams and take my mind
That were masterless as wind;
And "Master!" I shall say to you
Since you never asked me to.

From the Dragon to the Nightingale

La Pregunta - Pablo Neruda
Los versos del Capitan, 1952

No temas,
soy tuya,
no soy la pasajera ni la mendiga,
soy tu dueña
ella qué tu esperabas,
y ahora entro
en tu vida,
para no salir más,
para quedarme

Do not fear
I am yours,
I am not the passenger or beggar
I am your Mistress
The one you have been waiting for
And now I enter your life
No more to leave it
But to stay


A year already?!!?

Congratulations to the both of you.