Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

I stood alone on the dance floor of the Piermont Landing Ballroom. The crowd had left. Only I remained. I rubbed my forehead and released a huge sigh. I felt like I had been holding my breath all night long. I still could not believe what had happened.

We had gathered several hours earlier to attend the Wedding Rehearsal of Miss Obedience Mactavish of New Toulouse and Doctor Obelensky of New Babbage. Miss Mactavish is the last of the Mactavish Family, one of the most prominent families in "old" New Toulouse. You would have thought that a single family of Scots would have felt awkward in a town of mostly French immigrants, but no, the Mactavishes had both risen to prominence and had been well loved in the community.

I had thrown myself into studying the history of New Toulouse, as I really wanted to fully understand and appreciate the community. I was an NT "newbie" still, even though I was the Prim Minister. My arrival in New Toulouse and assumption of the leadership was the equivalent of 5 minutes ago in a place that had a history like NT did. It was important for me to be there at the Wedding Rehearsal for Miss Mactavish, and I was so pleased that Miss Nnara Fernstalker, Miss Griss Alexander and Ambassador Magdalena Kamenev were there with me to represent the New Taloosters. I had also hired an orchestra to provide music for the dance that was to follow the Rehearsal.

As much as I wanted to support our hometown girl, I would be remiss in mentioning that I was *none* too happy about her future husband, Doctor Obelensky. I already detested the Evil Mastermind of New Babbage, but my dislike had transitioned into utter loathing about a month ago when the Doctor zapped me with his death ray at the dance during which he reappeared in New Babbage after having been presumed dead. There is nothing like someone trying to kill you to solidify your negative opinion of them. The Doctor had not succeeded, as he did not know that I am not an "ordinary" human being...

To say that the Wedding Rehearsal did NOT go off as planned is an understatement. Miss Mactavish announced to the stunned crowd that the event was not a Wedding Rehearsal, but the actual wedding itself! Before we could regain our wits, Doctor Obelensky, true to form, turned tail and RAN from the altar, leaving Miss Obedience alone and jilted. By this time, the guests were all stunned and gaping.

Well, that was simply not going to do! Not when *I* am assisting with an event! I ran to the orchestra, ripped ALL of the sheet music off of their music stands and literally threw an hour's worth of new pieces at them, and then ordered them to start playing. They did, as they were terrified by the rage they saw on my face. They have worked with me long enough to have learned an important lesson: do NOT make me angry.

To their credit, the guests stayed to dance, socialize and comfort Miss Mactavish. We ended up having an impromptu community dance for New Toulouse and New Babbage. It was quite enjoyable! And most enjoyable for me at the very end...

(Note: For more details, please refer to Miss Breezy Carver's recollection and Ambassador Kamenev's transcript of the events.)

I took a deep breath as I walked to the edge of the ballroom and looked up at the flags of the Aether Chrononauts flying there. I found the one I sought and focused in on it...the flag of New Toulouse.

Something was stirring in me...something I had not felt in such a long time. I might be "new" in New Toulouse compared to its long time residents and its history...but I was *not* going to let this disrespectful slight against a Lady of New Toulouse stand without repercussions. I turned and quickly walked to the carriage that was waiting for me, Mr. Piedpiper at the reins.

Upon arriving home at La Maison Riel in Edison, I dashed up the stairs and threw open my armoire. I pulled aside all of my new gowns, digging into the back of the closet. There it is. I pulled a white gown from the it and tossed the white silk and lace on to my bed. Then I ran into my study, and stopped...looking at the pieces of furniture that were covered with sheets. It's time.

I pulled the sheets from the tables and dropped them into a pile in the corner. I approached each table and carefully inspected them. Everything is still here, and in perfect condition, including the box of matches on the largest table. I picked it up, and turned to face the small round table. I knelt, struck a match and lighted the 3 candles. Then I stood and looked at the room...

I smiled. My Witch's Workshop was back and ready for action. Very few people knew that I was a Witch, never realizing it even as I cast my spells of music on them on a regular basis. Something had happened to me after I left Caledon, a dampening of my powers and my desire to use them. I had simply covered all of my tools and tables with sheets after the move to Edison.

And time passed. The residents of my new communities had no idea that I wielded powers of the Light, or that I used to wield them. That part of me seemed to just....die after leaving the home I had known for my entire life. The home where I had learned and practiced my spiritual arts. It was only a month ago that I realized my powers still lay within me, when Doctor Obelensky had tried to kill me with his death ray, and did not succeed.

At the end of the dance last night, I revealed my powers to the remaining guests and I invited any and all interested ladies of New Toulouse and New Babbage to join me in the creation of Les Sorcières de Vapeur (The Steam Witches).

I threw back my head and laughed. Ah Doctor Obelensky, you have *no* idea what is in store for you...

(Note: I have created a Group on the New Toulouse Ning called "Les Sorcières de Vapeur". I set this Group up in the NT Ning because I want to honor New Babbage's "original" philosophy on magic, which was, it does not exist in New Babbage. Before all of you Magical Babbagers start screaming at me, please understand that I *know* there is some magic in New Babbage now, but it just makes more thematic sense to set the group up under NT, as we are, and have always been, rife with magic, voodoo, zombies etc.)